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Mar 7, 2012 01:20 PM

South Beach lunch spot with ocean views?

My 19 year old daughter and I will be in Miami 3/19-3/23 for 4 days of shopping, eating and hanging out at the pool (staying at the Mondrian). We will spend one day on Collins Ave shopping and wanted a good place on the beach/ocean view for lunch. Price is not an issue and we love all types of food! We've already got dinner reservations at Michael's Genuine, Pubbelly, Sardinia and Scarpetta and lunch reservations at Makoto and Sugarcane. Appreciate any recommendations; thanks in advance!

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  1. You are definitely doing the Chowhound tour of Miami!
    for ocean views Scarpetta will fit the bill, as would Blue door at the Delano.

    Don't hurt yourself.- hitting all those places in 4 days is a gastrochallenge on par with the Nathan's hot dog eating contest.

    1. I would do Joes takeout and eat on the beach.

      1. You've got a good list. One of the real peculiarities of Miami is that despite being on the ocean, there are virtually no decent restaurants that actually have ocean views. Because of the lay of the land, even places that are on Ocean Drive on South Beach really don't actually have ocean views because they are typically ground level and across the street from the water, and at many of the larger resorts you're looking at the pool area and not the beach. Also, Ocean Drive is largely a tourist trap.

        So the Joe's Takeaway suggestion is a good one.

        You might also want to look into the Dilido Beach Club in the Ritz Carlton South Beach. I haven't been, but the chef is Andrew Balick who spent time at Azul when Clay Conley was there, and I heard good things when he had a brief stint running Pied a Terre at the Cadet Hotel.

        Another possibility is the Lido at the Standard Hotel. It backs onto Biscayne Bay not the ocean but it's still a nice waterfront view.

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          Thanks Frodnesor, tpigeon and non sequitur! really appreciate the input!

        2. Felicia - please report back after your trip! Sounds great! I made a reservation at Michaels for April - but am wondering if it merits the drive down from Palm Beach.

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          1. You must be going down for Spring Break! I'm going down with my daughter the same days! I've been to Sardinia and the food is fine, but if your daughter is anything like mine, she wont find it a hip and happening place. Scarpetta is great, especially if you have a later dinner reservation. Makoto is too, and the window shopping in that mall is amazing. Michaels has good food, but its not in a very interesting area. I took my daughter there for lunch one day when it was raining, but wouldn't do a dinner there with her. One place my daughter loved (for the scene of course!) was Sushi Samba on Lincoln Road. In fact, that whole street is lively for a teenage girl. Pubbelly sounds like a great choice, haven't been there but will probably go there as well, maybe we'll run into each other! Smith and Wollensky, although not great mind blowing food, does have a lovely ocean view...would be a great spot for a sunset view with a snack.