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Mar 7, 2012 01:02 PM

DSpot wings..

Who has been to DSpot in Oakdale ?? OMG the best wings and burgers ever....
the web site is down while adding a Total of 80 differrent kind of wings.

Burgers..have never had one as good Never,,
Talk to the owner Darin he knows his stuff!!!

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  1. My brother was raving about this place and I am gonna give them a shot this Saturday. Interested in trying the hottest wings they have to offer.

    1. harleyjt...should we let them know "Jimzilla" sent us??

      I agree that the wings are very good. The "Incredible Hulk" (green curry) are probably my favorite. I usually order 3 types...really haven't had a dud yet. Have heard good things about the burgers but haven't tried them.

      They are opening a new spot in St. Paul on March 15....supposedly with a large assortment of pizza rolls in addition to the wings. (According to their Facebook page).