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Mar 7, 2012 12:52 PM

Quiet Meeting place btwn South Bay and Tustin?

One group is coming west from Tustin and we're going east from the SB, so maybe somewhere close to the 22 fwy would be best though close to the 91 would work too. Awkward time, 3pm on a Sunday to boot. Quiet, private-ish(business meeting), place required where they won't mind if we linger a bit. Cuisine and price not important, but hopefully can be better than inedible. I'd even consider a coffee shop type of place, I'm not sure anyone will really be looking to eat a meal at that time. Suggestions greatly appreciated as I don't know much about the area.

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  1. Marie Callenders- north off of the Seal Beach off ramp, where the 22 meets the 405
    12489 Seal Beach Blvd., Seal Beach, CA 90740

    1. Planet Coffee in Garden Grove? Or some other Vietnamese coffee shop, they won't mind if you linger for hours.

      1. Perhaps Brodard Chateau?

        Brodard Chateau
        9100 Trask Ave Garden, Grove, CA

        1. I guess it'll depend on the group, whether they want food or just coffee. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!