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Mar 7, 2012 12:39 PM

Recs in the Luberon: Rousillon, Gordes, Menerbes, Bonnieux


Can anyone recommend a few very good (but not high end spots) in the Luberon, especially for lunch? Many places are still closed now, and do not open until Easter. At the moment I am especially interested in Rousillon, Gordes, Menerbes, and

I have gone through the long listings on the Luberon and most of the places are everyone's favorite high end restaurants, and many are closed.

Anyone eat at Maison Gouin in Coustellet lately? I haven't been since May 2010 since they were a bit unfriendly and difficult then--SO very different from when I used to eat there a few years back.


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  1. Maison Gouin has changed - they have devoted part of their restaurant to WOMEN'S SHOES (!), a sure sign of something strange going on. (Yes, they're not what they used to be.) I have no idea if the following restaurants are open now, but you can try calling them (if you haven't already):
    l'Arôme in Bonnieux
    le Fournil in Bonnieux
    La Fenière's sister bistro la Cour de Ferme in Lourmarin
    l'Antiquaire in Lourmarin
    l'Auberge de Cheval Blanc in Cheval Blanc
    (la Bartavelle in Goult should be open, but only for dinner according to their site
    la Ferme de la Huppe in Gordes will be open March 15)
    Good luck!

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      The hottest restaurants last summer, besides La Petite Cave in Saignon, is Le Sanglier Paresseux in Caseneuve. I have no idea if they will be closed for holiday.
      Although we ate well at Gouin last summer, it was not a nice experience as before. First, the restaurant part: After I had reserved a table indoors, when we arrived the maître D tried to convince us to sit in the terrace facing the nondescript village's parking lot. He added that there would only be a few smokers maximum. The shop part: A friend wanted to buy an apron but it had a spot. The shop said it was the last one and refused to try to clean it. It also overcharged her by 20%. No apologies when we pointed out the mistake.
      Gouin can, and should, stick to the shoe business as far as I'm concerned.

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        Thanks to boredough and Parigi for their suggestions. I had wanted to eat at the eastern end of the Luberon, so I will keep the suggestions for spring when I think they will be open: Cour de la Ferme, Cheval Blanc, Sanglier Paresseux.)

        I was in Rousillon, and thought I would try Restaurant David, since a friend often goes there. It was closed, so armed with review from "L'Internaute--restos" we went to Le Piquebaure Chez Mme Lulu.) Just below town on the D169.

        This is not a restaurant in a shiny, restored mas "Luberon" style. It is in an older Provencal building on the side of the road. There is a back dining room with magnificent views of the mountains. Sophie, the very competent chef, explained the daily special. She says that her Anglo customers have taught her how to cook meats the way they like them. The meal was creative and very well prepared but the ambance decidedly casual. Local ingredients. And only about 22 euros.

        1. re: sderham

          We ate at Resaurant David in Roussillon last October and it was not much more than average. I would definitely look for other options.

          1. re: sderham

            Sanglier Paresseux (lazy boar) in Caseneuve is currently open, but aside from the view is
            quite ordinary.The splendid Petite Cave in Saginon is opening at Easter (dinner only ) with a wonderful new menu which combines some of the creative cuisine from it's sister restaurant in Saginon,Le Petite Bistro ( now closed) with other very inventive creations from its brilliant young chef.
            It's well worth the detour up the mountain.