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Mar 7, 2012 12:34 PM

Breakfast in Arcadia

What are some great breakfast options in Arcadia, near Santa Anita racetrack? I'm headed there this weekend, and I'm looking for places that are open by 8am or so.

Ethnicity doesn't matter: being Arcadia, I'm open to an Asian breakfast, American, Mexican, or whatever. Just hoping to avoid the Norm's and Denny's type of places.

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    1. Had some decent breakfast meals at Rod's Grill on Huntington Dr & Santa Anita Ave which is an old-school diner that opens at 6:00am.

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      1. re: SoCal Foodie

        Have you (or anyone else out that way) eaten breakfast at the Monrovian? I've read good things about it here on CH but have never been:

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          The Monrovian is serviceable (and seems to have as many regulars as LeRoy's), but it's not as good as Peach Cafe or Nano's, or even Mimi's for that matter.

          Rod's has been going downhill for years; it has its retro charms but that's about it.

          On the "grungy but cheap and good" side are Doe Jon Station (Taiwanese) and Tall Pines (Mexi-coronary)

          As a general rule of thumb in the northern SGV, you're better off eating breakfast in Monrovia and lunch in Arcadia.

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            I enjoy the Monrovian for breakfast. Especially their bacon. I think the Peach Cafe is a different animal alltogether - different dishes and very high quality. The Monrovian is your basic coffee shop. I think it is better than Nano's. LeRoy's is the first place I thought of when I read Salt's request. I think they and the Monrovian are on par with eachother, but prefer the Monrovian since they have things with gravy and everything always comes out cooked as ordered. I have been to Rod's only once, but would rate it just below the Monrovian and LeRoy's. However, this is the closest place you will find to the racetrack.
            I also like Chef's which is further south on Live Oak/Santa Anita for breakfast.
            Good luck at the racetrack, S!! ;-)

          2. re: SoCal Foodie

            We liked our first visit to Rod's a lot, and I've been back both by myself and with my old high-school buddy. Really dandy diner fare, with a few unusual twists. We're getting a big kick out of seeing it regularly on "Luck"!

            As much as I want to love LeRoy's, the best I can do is like it more for the homey ambiance than for the food.

          3. Rather than posting a link to that Philistine Yelp site, I'll post a link to a previous thread here:


            I've been to LeRoy's for breakfast, decent diner breakfast, there usually is a line waiting to get in on weekend mornings, but 8 AM ought to work out OK.

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              Hey, do I like Philistinean to you? ;-D> Simply getting ready for the great "place link black out" of 2012. Maybe that's what those damn Mayan's and their calendar were talking about when they stopped counting the years in 2012?

            2. A little further east in Monrovia is the Peach Cafe. Very nice ambience, slightly upscale menu, great coffee. Closer but slightly to the south is the Nano Cafe on Duarte. More of a traditional breakfast menu, but they use really fresh fruits and veggies, and the baked goods are nice, too.

              I can't say I cared for Rod's Grill.

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              1. If you feel like Taiwanese breakfast, my family's go to place is Doe Jon Station where you will find your Taiwanese breakfast staples (fried cruellers, soy milk, etc) for a cheap price!

                Doe Jon Station
                46 W Las Tunas Dr
                Arcadia, CA 91007

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                  I have driven by this place several times and wondered what it was. Now I know! Thanks!

                    1. re: crystaw

                      Si Hai (Four Seas) on Las Tunas is much better for Chinese breakfast.