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Mar 7, 2012 12:01 PM

Seattleites visiting Scottsdale - Where to eat?

Hey y'all, a few friends and I are coming down to visit Scottsdale in a few weeks, and looking for suggestions on good places to eat. We are 3 mid-to-late twenties professionals from Seattle, not exactly broke college students, but we're not really looking for anywhere super fancy or high-end, moreso treating this trip as a kind of "spring break" of sorts. So anywhere with a fun atmosphere and good food would be great.
Looking for suggestions for:
-A great Mexican restaurant. I would imagine that Mexican food is pretty good in AZ, and I am originally from LA so I am super excited to eat something better than the generally subpar Mexican food in Seattle
-Any local favorite kind of place. Not necessarily any specific cuisine, but any place that is well known and well liked and somewhat of a "destination" place.
-A good brunch place would be great
-Any bar suggestions? We are kinda laid-back hipstery, so cool dive bar suggestions would be great.

Sorry if these questions have been posted too many times, I tried to look back through some past "Where to eat in Scottsdale" threads, but other than a few Mexican suggestions, couldn't really find anything that I was looking for. Oh, we will have a car and while we're generally focused around Scottsdale, we could definitely go places in Phoenix as well/

Thanks in advance, can't wait to visit your city! :)

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  1. Scottsdale is a very long and narrow city so recs will vary quite a bit based on where in Scottsdale you're staying. So if you could let us know that I'll be happy to give some recs.

    1. Mexican:

      In Scottsdale, Los Sombreros for slightly upscale, flavorful sauces. In midtown Phoenix, Gallo Blanco for fresh, flavorful tacos and apps in a very hipster midecentury modern hotel with a bar on the roof. In Phoenix, Carolina's for divey Mexican burritos in toothsome tortillas made two minutes ago swathed in smooth browned enchilada sauce.

      Dive bar:

      You're in the wrong town for those. But you could maybe try Kazimierz for blues in a wine-cave atmosphere. Maybe Coach House -? There is a cocktail culture in Scottsdale, but go to Tempe for dive bars, please. Oh, there's Sidebar, which is small and hipstery, but in Phoenix just north of downtown. Nice jumping-off point for a light rail bar crawl, though.


      Orange Table. The Herb Box.

      Local Fave, not super-fancy or high end, destination:

      Cafe Bink, FnB, Citizen Public House, noca