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Best Nachos in Toronto?

I would love to hear where your favourite nachos are to be found and enjoyed?
Also, would like to know approximate prices and selection (veggies, chicken or chili beef?)
Thank you!

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  1. I have really enjoyed the nachos at the Blake House, they're actually potato chips (house fried) but their sour cream is to die for, and the stout beef chili on top is really addictive. Probably my fav nacho dish in the city, though I do know they're not "authentic". Theyre priced well at about 13$ but its not a huge portion like at some pubs.
    I also really like the pulled pork nachos at the green dragon on Kingston rd. I dont recall the price but they're probably around the $15 mark but you get much more. They do a good job with layering the toppings, and I like the pork on top, as apposed to their chili which I have also tried and it was seriously tasteless.
    Cam's place also has decent nachos if you like pulled pork (and obviously I do). What I like about theirs is that they toss the pork in the bbq sauce so its really moist, but their home made salsa is really terrible, and in general, its not a great spot in my opinion.
    Utopia also has amazing nachos which can be veggie, chicken, steak, shrimp or the "utopia" which is what I always get because it has steak, chicken and guac. The price ranges from 11-15$ and is really good value in my opinion.
    And then of course there is sneaky dees which are absolutely insane and you can basically order then with anything or everything you want, but you're looking at about 15$ish.
    I am sure I will think of some more favourites in the city as others post.. for a girl who's lactose intolerant, I do indulge in nachos more often than I should.

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      Always been a fan of the chorizo nachos at La Hacienda.

    2. I may have to give up my Chowhound poster status, but for the love of peaches, I do adore The Keg's nachos.

      *hangs head in shame*

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          I can't help it. The nachos at the Keg are my dirty little secret, so to speak. Nothing else, just the nachos

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            Oh Cocao - I'm a Keg fan too. The Wheatsheaf used to have great nachos (haven't had in a few years) - evenly spread on a metal pan (not too embarrassingly big if you are eating them on your own) with good cheese & topping distribution and a low price point ($7.99 or $8.99 with a side of chili). The Firkin on King is latest fav - but you have to order the sour creme/guac/salsa on the side - so you don't have a mountain (and soggy chips).

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              Which Keg? That makes a big difference. Love the name CocoaChanel!

              1. re: cinderelladressmaker

                :) Thanks

                The ones at the West Mall are consistently good. And the Yonge & Eg Keg, also good

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                That's so funny! I feel exactly the same way. The nachos are the only thing I will eat @ the Keg and they are so good. I actually crave them they're so good!!

                1. re: CocoaChanel

                  I have been DYING to start a thread about "dirty little (food related) secrets". I really believe there are many gems out there that people are reluctant to share. Either they are embarrassed to admit it, or just want to keep them to themselves...

                  Thanks for the nacho tip.

                  1. re: PoppiYYZ

                    Keg Nachos vs. Sneaky Dee's Nachos.

                    To be fair, I haven't found a toenail or flies in any food at Sneaky Dee's...

            2. By the way, I have had the $20 nachos at Hard Rock Cafe and they sucked.

              1. Against the grain had a huge nacho portion with tons of chicken. Taste was decent while warm.
                The Football factory has freshly fried nacho chips that set them apart from the other I have tried.

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                1. re: elvisahmed

                  Thanks elvisahmed! I have a friend who loves that place. I will definitely try them there.

                  1. re: cinderelladressmaker

                    No Problem. Here are the pics as well
                    The first one with the Chicken are from Against The Grain

                    1. re: elvisahmed

                      Wow, you win the prize for detail! I love detail and am so visual!
                      Thank you so very much elvisahmed! You make this very tempting! Cheers!

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                        I also second against the grain. I forgot about that one, but they were damn good.

                  2. Hernando's Hideaway used to be the best but I haven't been back in many many years. Same style as Sneaky Dee's with one layer on a large metal pizza pan. I hate when they are mounded on a dinner plate.

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                      Sneaky Dee's basic nachos with a couple of add ons are my favourite traditional style in the city. Usually add beans and jalapenos. The infamous King's Crown there seems to be the most popular but I find it turns into a gloppy mess about half way through. Similar issues to it being all globbed on a small plate instead of spread out on the flat tray like they do with the basic nachos. I've ordered them to go and they come in a pizza box.

                      For non-traditional the Spicy Mac & Cheese nachos at Kitch are a guilty pleasure. It's got melted cheddar on the nacho chips, thick cut smoked bacon and a creamy, spicy mac & cheese on top, with a spicy ketchup to dip in. Sounds weird but incredibly good.

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                        At Sneaky's we go for bacon and black beans. SO good.

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                          Yes! If you keep it at two or three extras they're perfect!

                    2. for me its utopia. they load it, and layer it. plus its served on a crispy flour tortilla as the plate.

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                      1. re: KhaoSanRoad

                        Never tried the nachos from Utopia, but they are definitely on my list!

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                          Ooh...I've never had Utopia's nachos. I'm going to have to try them!!

                          1. re: kwass

                            know that they are not upscale in any way. the meat and salsa and guacamole are probly gfs or sysco. but its still a good load of tasty mess of meat, beans and cheese and a ton of chips as well.

                            was also surprised by scotland yards natchos. lots of cheese and pulled pork. tho it seemed cold towards the centre of the pile.

                            - khao san road

                        2. it's been years since i was there- but i remember Hair of the Dog did some amazing things with nachos...enough so that I still remember them fondly.

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                          1. re: jinxie

                            just a comment about hair of the dog (church x wood). if i recall, their version uses wheat tortillas instead of corn, which gives the chips a very dfferent taste and texture. it's been quite a while since my last order but i do remember enjoying them.

                            on a side note, their wine-by-the-glass list has been shortened significantly, so fewer choices there.

                          2. Another vote for Sneaky Dees
                            Fantasticly large, and topped very generously

                            1. I also like the Sneaky Dee's nachos. I'm vegetarian and their Veg King's Crown is pretty good – Sneaky Dee's is very good with layering chips and toppings and they use a good amount of decent-quality cheese. Still, the Veg King's Crown would be better if refried beans and guac came standard on it. As I recall, the price of Veg King's Crown is close to that of the regular King's Crown, even though regular King's Crown has all the same toppings as VKC with the addition of beef and refried beans.

                              I also like the "nachos" at Tacos al Asador. They're a different style of nacho, not cheesy. They just put a bunch of chips in a basket, then add a modest amount of toppings like sour cream, pico de gallo, onions, and avocado. (They give you jalapenos and other things on the side, if you get other food.) The nachos have a nice, clean feel, and they're a nice thing to share; if you go with someone and you each get a couple of pupusas and split the nachos, you're golden. Otherwise, it's too many chips, I think, for one person to eat.

                              If you ever go to Guelph, it's worth trying the nachos at the Salsateria. It's a similar idea as the ones as Al Asador, only the toppings are better and more plentiful at the Salsateria. Whenever I'm in Guelph, I get them. Mmm....

                              1. I keep wishing someone would replicate the nachos from Joe Kool's in London.

                                Anything come close in Toronto?

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                                1. re: MeMeMe

                                  You tease, what was so wonderful about Joe Kool's nachos? I am intrigued?

                                  1. re: cinderelladressmaker

                                    Metal pan, good chips, very cheesy..not sure the mix, probably Jack and cheddar, onions, ground beef, peppers, tomatoes. Jalapenos on the side with great salsa and sour cream. You can get them to go in a giant pizza box. I have no idea why they are as good as they are.

                                  2. re: MeMeMe

                                    ah, sweet memories of the "kitchen sink" :)

                                    1. re: KhaoSanRoad

                                      holy smokes. It's been a looooong time since I have had those nachos - and they were awesome!!! Along with $2.50 pints on Thursday nights. Great fun. MeMeMe has the description down 100%! :)

                                      1. re: CocoaChanel

                                        if we are reminiscing, i loved the fresh made salsa at smart alex in St. Catharines.

                                  3. Has anyone tried any of the 10 varieties of nachos at Kitch? http://www.kitchbar.com/menu.html

                                    Are there any new contenders for best nachos out there?

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                                    1. re: prima

                                      On January 26, you could order the $125 large-format cote de boeuf nachos at the Momofuku/La Carnita/Home of the Brave mash up. :o)


                                    2. eager to try The Dock Ellis's nachos.

                                      hoping Home of the Brave attempts nachos.

                                      otherwise, it is (sadly) a toss-up between RealSports and Tacos el Asador

                                      1. and, right on cue: Home of the Brave enters the taco mi.


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                                        1. re: atomeyes

                                          Those chips look awesome. And I love chili on nachos.

                                          1. re: TorontoJo

                                            much to my surprise, the nacho's at wild wing are amazing.

                                        2. I am always amazed by how much love Sneaky Dee's nachos get. I had them once only and vowed never to eat them again. Everything was bland and middle of the road. Nothing stuck out or was particularly good. It was all standard nacho fare but Toronto seems to love them so I'll try them again.

                                          My favourite so far are Mexitaco's on Bloor between Christie and Ossington (north side). Why? Well.....

                                          It starts with the chips. They grind their own corn and make their own chip which has the distinction of still being crispy and snapping when doused with sauce. That's a feat. It also has a flavour profile that reminds me of sesame although I'm sure it has no sesame in it.

                                          The mixture of acidic lime and tomato with the onion works fantastically with their sauces and cheese. I've only had their veggie option, but I've had it 50 times and still find it the best. The chips are good enough and the toppings plentiful enough that if I go with other people, we order a side plate of plain nacho chips to eat with the leftover toppings from the main dish.

                                          I think I had their chicken nachos once and they were wack. The chicken actually took away from the flavour of the nahcos (because the chicken was so bland).

                                          Bryden's pub also has good nachos. But not as good as Mexitaco's for my dollar.

                                          As for Sneaky Dee's, I just don't get it. Is this another "Toronto Eating Its Own Hype" situation? I find this city likes to spotlight restaurants based on hype and popularity (or the chef) when the food is sub-par. Is this what's going on with Sneaky Dee's nachos or did I just go on a REALLY off night?

                                          Being a transplanted Montrealer, I still can't understand how Toronto has such inferior food to Montreal. They're not far apart. Why does the food drop such a drastic level in tastiness once you cross the provincial lines?

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                                          1. re: mudrubble

                                            Very thorough review. Have to give Mexitaco's a try. Personally I gave up on restaurant nachos when I decided not to eat anything I can make better at home...

                                            On the more serious issue of inferior TO food. It is a case of Demand and Supply. Recently walked by a packed lunch time McDonalds (all adults) on my way into a quiet but great Bahn Mi joint (Nguyen Huong Banh Mi on Spadina). I guess we get what we wish for.

                                            Thanks for the nacho review.

                                            1. re: mudrubble

                                              I don't know about that one. I've found Montreal is great for French and other European cuisines but I've had nothing but bad luck when ordering Thai, Viet, or even Lebanese. I feel that Montreal suffers from early adopter syndrome here. They've had these various cuisines since before they were popular and have been adapted to suit local tastes back in the 1970s (i.e. mayonnaise in my shish tawouk!)

                                              1. re: currycue

                                                I can't believe I just heard someone say that they had bad luck with Lebanese food in Montreal. I'm astounded and dumbfounded because Toronto has very sub-par Lebanese food. Even the Lebanese restauranteurs here have admitted that much to me.

                                                Not just Lebanese. Middle Eastern in general.

                                                I'm beside myself. I am now two persons. Both are in shock.

                                                1. re: currycue

                                                  Currycue, I'm still in shock. I even thought TO excelled in Portuguese food because this is where I first had it. Then a friend of mine took me to a Portuguese spot in Montreal and the chicken, fries, were just great. I haven't found a churrasco in TO I can say is great. St.Clair and Sardinha are good but neither are great. The pizza in Mtl kills, literally murders, barehandedly, what TO has come to call Pizza..... food wise I don't find a comparison between toronto and Montreal. Even Randy's famous patties are beat by Mum's (not sure if they're still open) in Mtl and there's another place I had better home made patties.

                                                  My motto is anything (foodwise) Toronto does well, Mtl does better. I haven't found a style of food where this does not apply yet.

                                                  So I really feel bad you had such bad luck in Mtl. I didn't even know that was possible. I've had Afghani chicken there, at a spot I don't want to even advertise because it's so good I'd like to keep it between my friends and I, but it's literally the best chicken any of us have ever had in any style of cuisine. If you understood the weight of that statement and the truth behind it, you'd blush.

                                                  Anyway, sorry you had such a bad experience.

                                                  1. re: mudrubble

                                                    Glad you have such pride for Montreal, but at the risk of taking this too off topic I have to disagree that Montreal destroys Toronto.

                                                    Vietnamese, Japanese (especially Ramen), Thai, Malay, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Singaporean, Korean are all done better and more varied here than in Montreal. Its not even close.

                                                    Montreals bistros (obvs), mid end, high end, middle eastern, wine bars etc. tend to be much better than Toronto's offerings.

                                                    1. re: themiguel

                                                      OK, I should have added that "anything" is probably hyperbole. Allow me to amend that to "most things". Of those foods, I am only real experienced with Indian and although Toronto has far, far more variety as you stated, I have yet to have any restaurant that makes as many dishes as well as Bombay Mahal in Mtl. But I've had some dishes at some resaurants that are better, just not a restaurant with many dishes done better. Korean, I have no doubt that Toronto wins hands down. Probably the same for Chinese. I am willing to take your word on the rest just due to the size of the local populations and my lack of full experience with the cuisine.

                                                      It was a heated statement made in a moment of passion. Not "EVERYTHING" Toronto does Mtl does better. Just many things. Which is surprising for their size. Like why does TO have no good Greek food seemingly anywhere? We have a whole Greek town but finding good food there is hard. Why?

                                                      But yes, I digress. I am willing to concede your points, sir.

                                                    2. re: mudrubble

                                                      Also a statement like "anything Toronto can do, Montreal can do better" in the Toronto board is bound to draw heat. That's an extremely bold, indefensible claim. :)