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Mar 7, 2012 10:42 AM

Unusual Starch dish wanted.

I have a new 2x month evening group meeting and I've been assigned "Starch."

I've already taken:

* rice-purlo-LowCountry-ChickenBog, which proved to be too much protein.

* whole wheat pasta with broccoli in Alfredo sauce [too "healthy"!!]

* flavoured mashed potatoes [too "plain"!!!]

I'm next thinking grits or polenta [or both as a "tasting" idea] but....

I'd like something unusual and NOT expensive.

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  1. Do you have any idea what the other dishes will be? Off the top of my head, some of my favorite starchy sides include spaetzle (these can be served simply boiled or boiled then browned in butter, with or without sauce, and you can add any type of herb or flavoring you like to the dough to make them more interesting) , a nice cheesy potato gratin (or pommes anna, if you just want lots of butter and no cheese), fried rice, risotto, herbed couscous, latkes, savory bread pudding, a quinoa or bulgur wheat based salad (this type of recipe usually works will with Israeli couscous too), and of course mac and cheese!

    1. Quinoa, or Israeli couscous/tabbouleh, are real conversation starters, and so darn easy to make. You can get either at Trader Joes. OOPS are there Trader Joes in Beijing?

      Just to prove my point I see they are already mentioned above! I just made my first tabbouleh using bulgar and Israeli couscous, it will be appearing on the table at my BBQs this summer. Quinoa I like to make a cold salad with vegetables like cucumber and tomato, maybe some feta and mint etc.

      If you want something winter-y, potato croquettes seem to please everyone.

      1. How about pierogies or some other type of starchy dumpling (I second the spaetzle suggestion). Or the quinoa salad with mango and curried yogurt on epicurious.

        1. Deep fried ravioli stuffed with cheese. Marinara dipping sauce. Do half fontina and the other half ricotta.

          1. I've had a wonderful baked grits dish with green onions and smoked gouda.
            Curried Cous Cous
            Ina Garten has a wild mushroom lasagna with a bechemel sauce that looks really good.

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              I make a grits/polenta dish with shrimp and feta on top. Guess that's not really inexpensive though, unless you have some shrimp laying around. It's a meal in itself, although I was given it as an appetizer.