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Mar 7, 2012 08:49 AM

Looking for a KOSHER brisket

While we are on the topic of brisket in another thread - I'm looking for a place that would properly trim a brisket for smoking - almost all kosher briskets seem to be way too lean.


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  1. Call in a special order with Hartmans? I'm sure they can set you up with something.

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      1. re: glickjor

        Believe it or not, Hartman's sells kosher Wagyu beef. Insanely expensive.

        1. re: Tatai

          More expensive than $330/kg @ Famu? Cause that is insanely expensive in my books.

      2. re: flying101

        I've bought a few non-trimmed briskets at Kosher Toronto. They will also split the point and the blade for you if you don't need a full brisket. Not cheap, I assumed they would discount the brisket since there was no butchering involved I was wrong.

        1. re: jdavis2ca

          Costco near Dufferin has Kosher meats including brisket. not sure if you will find it too lean or not.

          1. re: wano

            They are way too lean for smoking; the fat cap is totally removed. They come into the store already trimmed and packed by the kosher meat supplier.

      3. nortown,
        also, with passover coming soon, you can find some at costco near yorkdale but unsure of the fat on it

        1. If you don't need strictly kosher, just kosher-style, Nortown has a great selection and will cut to fit your needs…not as expensive as Hartman's. Other than that, for strictly kosher, try the Sobey's near Yonge and Steeles.