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Mar 7, 2012 08:41 AM

Near Bank Atlantic Center?

Want to go to dinner before a concert but searched and the latest recs were from last year. We would like a steakhouse or something similar. Thx

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  1. Hong Kong BBQ is sort-of on the way - if you are coming from north and far away! Went there last Saturday before a B/A event.

    Might also take a look at Big Bear Brewewy in Coral Springs. I've had some good food and very good drink there.

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      And yes I know you said steakhouse but Hong Kong is such a treat - AFAIK it's going to be a better experience than any non-chain steakhouses I've heard about in that area (i.e. none).

    2. There aren't really any "good" steakhouses over there. The only one I can even really think of is The Knife which is an Argentinian place similar in concept to Texas de Brazil which is in the perimeter of Sawgrass Mills. If you want some all around good places check out Bash Cafe off of Oakland and University or Marumi Sushi off Sunrise just west of University. They're both about 10 minutes from Bank Atlantic and are always solid.

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        Bash Cafe looks really interesting - we have a diverse group and it seems like there would be something for everyone. We have one person who doesn't really like Chinese/sushi, etc. Someone suggested Runyon's which is north but we are coming from that area. Still think Bash looks good - will speak to DH. I would like to try Hong Kong and Marumi myself when we are down at Saveology Ice Rink.

        1. re: Linda VH

          I agree - Bash looks interesting. I look fwd to trying it next time we're headed to a concert or Panther's game. From the map it appears I've driven right past it any number of times.

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            John Linn has been to Bash Cafe... perhaps he will chime in...

            1. re: CFByrne

              My husband and I were EXTREMELY disappointed in Bash. The food was mediocre and that is being kind!

              1. re: gblcsw

                What about Mustard Seed Bistro on University and Broward? We had a decent meal there not too long ago.