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Del Taco

Hey Hounds

So we get commercials for Del Taco on our TV quite a bit. Mrs. Sippi has been mentioning lately how she'd like to try it and see if it's worth they hype. Since there's one pretty much right off the interstate on the way down yonder at Easter I'll appease her. I personally could care less but I assume we'll vote on whether or not to pay a visit and I'll lose 1 - 0. So don't try and talk me out of this. She wants to, we're doing it.

So.....with that in mind, what items stand head and shoulders above others??
I've see there's a "Secret menu". Do I need to try something off there??

Any other tips would be great. Thanks


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  1. what secret menu? We haave one here in SO that I hit occasionally. They have both "American" and "Mexican"tacos.
    Hmm. I'll be back. :)

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      I found a thread on the chains board. Here is the quote I read; "The ex-Naugles 'bun taco' at Del Taco is very similar. You will have to ask for it (a so-called secret menu item :-\ ) and some locations may not make it. Tariff is about $2" From Dec '10


    2. They are one step above Taco John's (Taco John's being the worst). Their hard shell tacos are .49/ea in my neck of the woods and not real bad for the money. Ask for a side of pico (that will be extra) as their packets of taco sauce are pretty lousy.

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        If TJ is the worst, where does TB land??


      2. A regular (real Cheddar) quesadilla, along with a small red and a small green burrito(bean and cheese burritos, one with the red sauce and the other with the green sauce) -simple, pure flavors.

        I also crave the chicken soft tacos from here...

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          Second the bean and cheese burritos. The green sauce tastes like actual green chile. There's now a larger, 1/2 lb. version, but I'd rather eat 2 of the smaller.

          I often take long road trips through food wastelands, and frequently subsist on bean burritos. Taco Bell's are not in the same conversation with these. Del Taco's hot sauces are far superior as well, and they always seem to give me 20 or so for 2 or 3 burritos. Vegetarians on road trips: navigate from Del Taco to Del Taco.

          For me, the green burrito is really the only reason Del Taco exists. As a child, I always got the burgers. Recently a claim was made that the burgers are among the best fast-food burgers in SoCal, so I tried one. The claim was manifestly false, laughable even.

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            Third the bean and cheese burritos. They are not bad at all. In college, I had them a couple times a week with red sauce. The cheese used to be thinly sliced, which I really loved. Much better than Taco Bell's.

        2. Interestingly enough, this faux-Mexican place has some incredible crinkle cut fries!!! Crisp, salty, and hot. They have these deluxe-cheese fries - fries topped with some chili, cheese, raw onions, chopped tomatoes, and sour cream.

          IMHO, probably one of the better things on the menu.

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            I used to love those crinkle fries! I loved making a sauce for them, mixing ketchup and the hot sauce together.

          2. I left LA 3 years ago and still crave it. As others have mentioned, I liked the chicken soft tacos, the bean burritos and the fries. My favorite was the spicy chicken burrito. I also liked to get a del combo burrito with sour cream. I would disagree with the comment on their hot sauce. I think their del scorcho sauce is one of the best in the mexican fast food chain industry.

            1. Del Taco - the closest one is 30 miles away but when I drive out that way I do have a craving.

              Grilled chicken burrito is the tastiest thing on the so-called Mexican side of the menu and the spicy chx burrito is pretty good too. However it is their hamburgers that really stand out and the crinkle cut fries. Years ago in California we used to do blind taste tests and when we did hamburgers Del Taco's would come in #1 or #2 beating In-N-Out easily.

              1. Okay, sorry for the late reply but here's my 2ยข

                It was taco day so we did taco's. Orginal tacos were okay. Right in line with TB or Old El Paso. The shrimp taco was tasty as a whole but the shrimp flavour was lost among all the other flavours. The crunch batter was really good and sampled alone didn't overpower the delicate shrimp taste. Very much liked this. Especially with inferno sauce.

                A burger was suggested and since we had as Ron White would say "A coop-in." A double cheeseburger with pickle, onion and mustard. It was very good for what it was. Cooked fresh when ordered makes a huge difference. No heat lamp burgers here. Very cheesy too.

                The fries were simply amazing. THE BEST frozen fries ever. Perfect amount of salt, great crispy exterior and perfectly fluffy inside. Just fantastic.

                Well worth the stop.


                1. I think I might have stopped into a local Del Taco in an Alternate Universe.

                  Just spent about 20 minutes going through the menu listed on the corporate website. Well, my "local" Del Taco menu is about half the breath of what the website shows. No 49 cent tacos there. No Burgers there (Although why, if you're in a taco joint would you buy a burger?) No breakfast biscuits, no...

                  My report is this: I opted for a Steak Tacos Del Carbon Combo, paying over $6 for two of the smallest tacos I have yet seen. The steak pieces (one inch by a quarter inch) were five pieces to a taco. Steak quality? Only fair. What sealed the deal in turning me off to another visit was the cilantro add, so forward it overpowered everything else in the taco. Of the two tacos, I finished about 1 and a third. The cilantro was a huge turnoff.

                  I hit this store Thursday at Noon. I was one of four people in the dining room during my lunch. Very telling.

                  1. Get the Inferno sauce. The best fast-food taco sauce in the universe.