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Mar 7, 2012 07:43 AM

Cheesemaking in Basque-country

Does anyone have any info or experience with visitng a cheesemaker or participation in cheesemaking in the Basque areas of Ordizia or Idiazabal? We'd really like to find a way to take part in this.
Thanks in advance!

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    1. re: JuanDoe

      Thank you very much, hablo español, and this looks like what I was hoping to find!

    2. Wow, I just came across this, I dont know if you're still interested but I do have some experience with this.

      About two years ago I was there and wanted to meet and talk to cheesemakers there. I really should've done more research prior to going but ending up in san sebastian was a bit last minute.

      It helps if you speak Spanish and really really helps if you speak Basque. If its just English you may not have much luck. But anyways, I used this list:

      I just started calling everyone on that list and asking if I could visit their operation. Most of these are farmstead/small operations and its super interesting. I ended up working for a day with one of them and the experience was awesome and invaluable.

      I dont know if there is something organized however google may have something for you. Good luck sorry for posting so late.

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      1. re: kriot

        Holy wow, this is exactly the info I've been looking for. We drove through the area last spring but are going to return again in the fall. I do speak Spanish so we should be fine.
        Thank you ever so much for sending this!!! This is really exciting news!!