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Mar 7, 2012 05:49 AM

Need help with finding moderately priced London restaurants

We will be in London late March and are looking for a couple of moderately priced restaurants for dinners. My husband and I have frequently traveled to London by ourselves and for those trips we are not necessarily looking for moderately priced places. However this time we will be meeting our daughter who is studying in Scotland and she is bringing a friend as well. So we are looking for more casual moderately priced places. Here is what I am thinking of so far:

Le Boudin Blanc - we have eaten here before and liked it
Giaconda Dining Room
Harwood Arms
Great Queen Street - is there anyway to see a menu on line? I eat mainly fish and I wanted to see the menu
Wolseley - eat here a couple of years ago
Les Deux Salons
The Wells
The Ship

what do you think? any other suggestions? We are staying at the Corinthia, Whitehall Place but we are comfortable in London and not worried about traveling for dinner.

Thank you,

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  1. Seeing as moderate pricing is wanted, may I suggest you check out TopTable for places with offers. You may be able to go upscale for reasonable money, particularly at lunchtime.

    1. We recently had a terrific dinner at Bistro Bruno Loubet.

      1. The lovely thing about London is that the fast food joints are actually fairly decent (unlike the greasy messes that they tend to be in North America). Perhaps consider grabbing your lunches at some of these fast food places and thereby allowing you spend just a bit more on dinner? Some of my favourite fast food places are Wasabi for DIY bento boxes and Japanese style curries, Pod for ΓΌber healthy options, and Pret-a-Manger.

        For dinner, I have not tried the ones you list above, but I really enjoy the homey atmosphere and food at Market Coffee House around Bishop's Gate (Liverpool tube station). They also have a GBP28 fixed price menu, which may be a good option for those watching their wallets.

        For breakfast/brunch/lunch, I really enjoy The Modern Pantry in Clerkenwell (Farringdon tube station). This place is quite busy, particularly on the weekends so reservations are most definitely required.

        Also, there's a decent Asian chain that is popular with students because it's very affordable but with comfortable surrounds is Hare and Tortoise.

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          I am not concerned about lunches. My husband loves pubs and my daughter is always fine a pub salad or with Pizza Express or other similar places. Dinners are my concern. And we are not looking for Asian or Indian. My daughter loves them but we eat a lot of that at home and just are not interested on this trip.

        2. Quo Vadis with its recent new chef joining is quite an exciting place to try at the moment. I went last night and was very pleased.

          Great Queen Street changes the menu daily so it's not online, although if you ask them they will send you a sample.

          Another vote for Bistro Bruno Loubet, which is one of my favourite standbys for family meals.

          If you like the Wolesley, you might want to check out their new sister restaurant the Delaunay.

          Pollen Street Social might also hit the mark, although I think it's probably a price point above the restaurants you mention. The menu is online.

          The cocktail bar at the corinthia is quite nice - you should definitely drop by for a pre-dinner drink. But I'd avoid the restaurant which I reviews say is pretty average.

          How do you feel about places which don't take reservations? There are a few places in Soho (10 Greek Street or Duck Soup for example) which you could try if you don't mind taking a gamble.

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          1. re: uniqueusername

            Is it Jeremy Lee that's at Quo Vadis?

              1. re: Harters

                Thanks, John. I thought I remembered that. It might be why our lunch at the Blueprint Cafe was only so-so in my estimation. My list is now so long that it looks like the telephone directory for London.

                1. re: zuriga1

                  Is that your "places to try" list?

                  Mine is currently at its smallest since we started it some 5 years back. Currently stands at 23 places within an hour's drive of home (which is part of our rule for selecting places). Should be finished by Christmas. :-)

                  1. re: Harters

                    I think my only list is a restaurant one. :-) I'm not as organized when it comes to long-term planning for holiday destinations. There are few great places very close to where we live, so I'm focusing more now on London. The nicer weather inspires me. My next decision regards an upcoming birthday... a great excuse for a blowout dinner with, maybe, a jacket but it won't be Le Gavroche.. going to Paris in 2 weeks.

                  2. re: zuriga1

                    It's well worth adding to the list. While the menu is fairly simple stuff, the execution and ingredients were excellent. And they have a SMOKED EEL AND HORSERADISH SANDWICH!! Seriously, can there be a better thing in the whole world? (unless you don't like horseradish or eel, that is)

            1. Casa Morito for Mexican in Brixton Market (or any of the other place in Brixton Village and Brixton Market)

              Barraco in Kilburn for Brazilian, especially the salgadinhos and moqueca

              Yalla Yalla in Soho for Lebanese

              Mohsen in Kensington for Iranian, Kateh in Little Venice for same

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                Le Comptoir Libanais is cheerful, busy and very good value. Particularly good for vegetarians and non-drinkers (their non-alcoholic drinks are delicious).