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Mar 7, 2012 05:49 AM

The Owl, Greenville, SC

A new casual restaurant has opened on Wade Hampton Boulevard in the old Gumby's bar location. We ate there on Saturday night and really enjoyed our meal and the ambiance. My impression is that it's aiming to be a gastropub but it's liquor license hasn't come through yet, so right now it's bring your own. Prices are very reasonable, chef and staff are earnest and trying really hard; food was yummy and beautifully presented. The menu is seasonal, more or less local and short. I had a pork dish and husband had pasta; we shared a pork pate appetizer. All really delicious and the cost, without tip, was extremely reasonable. They have an open kitchen so the chef is available to talk to; he greeted us with an amuse-bouche of a deconstructed mozzarella stick that was cute and yummy.

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