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Mar 7, 2012 04:54 AM

best corned beef to buy?

Wondering if there is a "premier" brand of corned beef out there. Also, I'm considering using a slow cooker for St. Pat's day dinner. Does anyone have experience with this?

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  1. Mosey's used to be the corned beef to buy, but they are not even close to what they used to be qualitywise. These days I go with Hummel's

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      Me, too, an enthusiastic +1 for Hummel's!

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        I agree. I like Hummel's low sodium flat cut.

        1. I always found the prepackaged stuff to be heavier on the salt than the seasonings. I don't know where in New England you are, but the Hartford, CT area grocery chain called Highland Park corns their own brisket and it is really good and has fantastic flavor.

          I've been corning my own using a Cook's Illustrated recipe for the past couple of years. It's really easy to do and if you have space in your fridge for a brisket to hang out for a week, I highly recommend it!

          1. Hummel Bros made in New Haven CT. They are available at Stop and Shop and Stew Leonard's. The flat cut is better than the point cut. We cook it in the slow cooker. We throw in a little brown sugar to cut the salt. In my opinion you can't cook corned beef too long. We also use real bunch carrots. Those little nub things are horrible.

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              Agree that Hummel is the best. Have been making it in the crockpot for years. Start it in the am and later in the day I add the small red potatoes, carrots and shredded cabbage

            2. You should consider making it yourself. Its pretty easy, you just need some time, a brisket, pickling spice and room in the fridge. Mine will start corning on Saturday.