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Mar 6, 2012 10:16 PM

Visitin from San Francisco in May.

yes, I have read a ton of postings about visiting Boston. and I lived there untill 2008.
So I am returning to some old favorites as well as looking for some new spots.

Arrive on a tuesday and what i have planned so far on my own(old spots)

THURS: Meyers + Chang, mainly for personal reasons
FRI: Eatern Standard, brothers grad dinner
SUN: Lucky's for Sinatra Sunday

otherwise I am WIDE open. I will be attending day games at Fenway Sat and Sunday

so far I was thinking of
Neptune Oyster for a late lunch on Thursday, before Meyer + Chang. mainly cause its probably the best time for a walk in

I left before Drink/Menton opened. worth it?

was debating Coppa vs Erbalunce. leaning to Coppa cause im a Bissonette fan.

Ive been to Craigie st before ( I think its moved since i was there) but the person I am with is a sous chef from SF and has asked me many times what the deal is with Craigie, as they list their job adds here in SF.

If it was there in 2008, Ive probably eaten there. When I left Gaslight/Beehive/cute corner place across from beehive(cant think of name)/were all the buzz.

what are those places now?

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Drink is definitely worth a trip. For that matter, we've been blessed with the arrival of a couple other new cocktail bars (The Hawthorne, Backbar, Brick & Mortar). I'd try to get to at least one of them.

    Coppa and Erbaluce are two totally different experiences. Coppa is much more casual. I've not cared for the food at Erbaluce. Definitely one of my CH bum steers. That being said, a lot of people around these parts love it.

    Yes, Craigie Street is no more. It's now Craigie on Main. Right where Main Street meets Mass Ave in Central Square. Tony Maws, the Craigie chef, won the James Beard Award for Best Chef Northeast last year. It's definitely worth a return trip if you have time.

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      The receptions prior to Eastern Standard is at the Hawthorne, and im really looking forward to it. SF has a huge cocktail culture, so im excited to see what's going on in Boston.

      so anything im missing out on? food wise?

    2. Was Pops the cute corner place across from Beehive? It's closed.
      Gaslight and Beehive are still around.