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Mar 6, 2012 08:26 PM

Does anyone know any good buffet in Frederick?

Husband and I are new to Frederick and we looove buffet lol. Any recommendation? I did a quick search online, came across this post on, TJ Asian Bistro has a sushi and hibachi buffet for $13.95... sounds kinda sketchy. Has anyone try this? Do they have good sushi selection? I just hate those cheap Chinese buffets. Can anyone recommend any good buffet in Frederick?

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  1. As is always the case, everyone's preferences differ but my husband and I always enjoy Tendo's (on the parking lot of the FSK mall). They do a nice lunch selection of sushi (and a larger one for dinner and on the weekends). You may also request your favorite. My husband likes the Mongolian grill (lots of selections). They have fresh seafood (extra for crab legs); decent usually Chinese buffet and the spicy chicken actually is spicy. My brother-in-law (the Chef) declares they use fresh quality products. Not upscale but serves our purposes.