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Mar 6, 2012 07:53 PM

Additional pieces to Cuisinart French Classic set, feedback needed

So I returned some items to BB&B I wasn't happy with and had a credit. I ended up getting the 11 piece Cuisinart French Classic set there. I'd have preferred metal lids, but BB&B only carries the glass ones.

I'm going to add a 12" pan for sure from the line (8" and 10" just are too small for most things when I need a big skillet) and was considering adding the 5.5 quart saute as well. I'd love to add another 2 qt or a 3 qt saucepan, but unfortunately they don't seem to sell any separately.

So, opinions on adding a 5.5 qt saute? How useful do you think it would be?

For info, I also have a Lodge combo cooker, an 8 qt Staub dutch oven, the De Buyer carbon steel crepe pan and 9.5" fry pan they carried at World Market a little over a year ago, apparently receiving the French Classic crepe pan by mail-in-rebate, a Tramontina SS stockpot with strainer (8 qt???) I won from Sam's, and a 12" older than the hills non-stick pan with the coating still in decent shape. I'd like to add a 12" Lodge fry pan at some point as well and a Staub Braiser (still trying to decide size / find a sale).


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  1. IMO when a skillet needs a helper handle then its way too big to do any flipping. At that point you should get a saute pan. Their 5.5 saute is quite large are you sure your stove top can cover the base of the pan?

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    1. re: unprofessional_chef

      It looks like the base is 10" although it says diameter is 11-1/4", so no bigger than a 12" fry pan. In fact, I think the lid of it fits their 12" fry pan.

      Specifications from

      Do you feel then that I should just forego the 12" fry pan and add only the 5.5 qt saute pan? That I should be able to just use the saute for anything I want to use the 12" fry pan for?

    2. Do you have a Home Goods (or Marshalls or TJ Maxx) store in your area? I bought a 2.5 qt. Cuisinart French Classic saucepan with a metal lid at Home Goods last month for $50.

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        Ya, that store causes me some serious heartache about August when Halloween merchandise starts coming in.

        I ended up going with a 5.5 qt saute pan.