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Mar 6, 2012 06:59 PM

Tadichi Grill: Fridaynight

We will be visiting San Francisco next week from Tokyo and would love to enjoy Dungeness Crab at Tadichi Grill. Any idea how packed it is on Friday night, say around 19:00? Also, we will be visiting Dolores Park in Mission and thinking about good lunch near the park. My husband doesn't like mexican so if you have any suggestion other than mexican, appreciate your advise.
Thank you!

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  1. Expect a long wait as Tadich will be packed at that hour. On the plus side they make fantastic standard cocktails such a martinis and gin & tonics while you wait.

    1. Pizzeria Delfina could be an excellent lunch near Dolores Park.

      1. if it is just the two of you and you want to sit at the bar, i think it is likely there will be no wait at all for tadich.

        if you want a table, there will definitely be a wait.

        what crab dish at tadich were you planning on getting?

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          I think on Fridays 7pm is around the time Tadich's dinner rush starts and it quickly goes from a chance of a party of two being seated immediately at the bar to a wait of 30 minutes to an hour.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            that might be true in general -- but a couple weeks ago i stopped by on friday at 7 or 8 and there was no wait. though there were a ton of people near the entrance waiting for tables.

            1. re: Dustin_E

              Thank you all for getting back to me. Yes, its just two of us and we will be happy to have dinner at the bar. We are hoping to have dungeness crab leg cocktail, dungeness crab salad, crab cake and cioppino. If there is any "must eat" item at Tadichi, please let me know. We are planning to have a dinner at Sotto marre next day. Assume cioppino is better at Sotto Marre?
              As for Pizzeria Delfina, too bad that they are close on Monday and we only have 4 days in SF and Monday is only available day we can go to Dolores Park...

              1. re: lily2152

                If you're up for a picnic, Bi Rite Market and Tartine Bakery are right next to the park and you can get tasty provisions. Dolores Park Cafe at the corner serves basic grub in a pinch. If you're willing to walk a few blocks, there is a dense stretch of dining and shopping on Valencia St btw 16th and 21st. Limon might be a good place for a sitdown lunch (Peruvian). Just zoom in on a Google map of that area to see all the places.

                1. re: lily2152

                  uh-oh.... not a particularly warm day for Dolores Park - but at least it's not raining yet. where did you end up going for lunch?

                  1. re: lily2152

                    i'm new to tadich, so i'm still exploring their menu. but this has been my experience thus far:

                    petrale sole - very good
                    pasta with meat sauce - excellent
                    apple galette - excellent

                    lobster and crab thermidor - extremely rich, but a ton of both lobster and crab. good
                    ravioli with meat sauce - good. very rich. i prefer the 'pasta' over the 'ravioli'.
                    rice pudding - good

                    cioppino - good. not as good as the seafood stew i've had at farina, but it had different ingredients. i still need to try sotto mare's version.

                    i'm curious about their crab cakes, oysters rockefeller and double-cut lamb chops.

            2. I hope you don't think it Asian as you are calling it Tadichi - it is the TADICH Grill!

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              1. re: bronwen

                Sounds like a lovely Japanese pronunciation to me. I'm going to adopt it.

              2. With all this talk about the "Tadichi" Grill, I went there for lunch Saturday. It was as good as ever. My pan-fried sanddabs were delicate and rich once I remembered that a good squeeze of lemon brings out their buttery goodness. The fries were crispier than I recall and the perfect vehicle for their dense, creamy tartar sauce. That sauce also served as a makeshift hollandaise on my broccoli. No wait at the counter at 2 and there seemed to be empty tables on the other side.

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                1. re: chocolatetartguy

                  Thank you for your feedback. My husband likes simple seafood with a good squeeze of lemon! We will be in San Francisco from Thursday, 16th through next Monday. Seems to be weather will be pretty bad.. We booked sunday brunch at Navio in Half Moon Bay and planning to go to Sausalito by bike on Saturday but maybe we wont'be able to make it because of the rain.. Instead, I have booked Canteen for our Sunday brunch. If weather is nice on Monday, we are planning to go to Dolores park and walk through Valencia Street as suggested. Limon looks nice! or have breakfast at Jane or La Boulange in Philmore Street and walk around through Union Street, or have breakfast at Louis and take a hike.

                  p.s I always though it is Tadichi grill, instead of Tadich! Thank you for pointing out.

                  1. re: lily2152

                    Fillmore (you won't find a Philmore here, as far as I know.) and fyi, Le Boulange's are all over the place - so if you really want to go there, you don't have to go to that particular one.

                    Canteen is excellent!

                    1. re: mariacarmen

                      oops, and by the way, i wasn't trying to correct you - it's definitely LA Boulange. here's a link showing all their locations:


                    2. re: lily2152

                      I have been going to Tadich Grill for 40 odd years, but was charmed by you calling it Tadichi. I am now thinking of it as Tadichi!

                      The Petrale sole is really good too. The woman next to me at the counter was raving about the crab cake and the gent next to her was chowing down on cioppino. I don't recall what else I used to have, but my cousin always loves shrimp cocktail. My friend, Mr. Kayo, went there for the 1st time last week with a relative of the former owners. He liked the lentil soup which is only served on Tuesday?

                      1. re: lily2152

                        if you like simple seafood preparations, swan's oyster depot (breakfast / lunch only) definitely warrants consideration.