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Mar 6, 2012 06:02 PM

A day and a half in Santiago

Hi, I'm heading to Santiago this Friday on business. I have the weekend, though, to tour around with some friends. I'm staying at the Ritz Carlton.

I'm trying to do some research on my own, but have some time limitations because of work and was hoping for some help on this board.

Here's what I need:

1 Lunch spot. Casual is fine, something "classic Santiago" if possible. I've come across Fuenta Allemana, which seems to be a lot of fun with nice looking sandwiches and beer.

1 late lunch spot Again, casual is fine. I really don't have any limitations in terms of what I'll eat, but preferably nothing off the beaten path (I'm travelling with others and I don't know what their willingness to travel is).

2 fine dining spots. These are for business-related meals. I want the location to be impressive, but also the meals to be delicious. Seafood would be nice, but I hear it's the red time time, and that could affect things.

Also, if you could suggest a few places where I could sit on a nice patio in the sun, drink some beer and eat some interesting snacks, that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Do you have anything to report back on? I am headed to Santiago in a few weeks for work and would like to know if there are any great places I should consider.

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      It's been a few months, and I didn't take notes to report back (usually, I keep more detailed notes in my head if I have to report back to chowhounder suggestsions, but since there were none...)

      However, I did have a few memorable dining experiences. For a really good steakhouse, go to Ox. For a more varied menu, go to El Mestizo.