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Mar 6, 2012 05:45 PM


Has anyone tried Mixtura yet? This is the "Latin fusiion" place where Danny's Diner used to be. The Somerville Scout says the owner "is the very same woman who brought Somerville Machu Picchu", but the food is not strictly Peruvian. (The Scout has a picture of a Salvedorean Omelet.) Sounds intriguing.

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  1. Cattycorner across from Petsi's Pies. fingers crossed. While we love the pork and sweet potato sandwiches, pollo, and the meat tamales at Pollo a las brasas, South American food is mostly very tame so it would be great if they branched out to some spiciness, but that's probably doubtful. I bet there'll be something good there though!

    1. Yes. Had chorizo and eggs breakfast there -- seemed more like Spanish chorizo than I was expecting and it was OK, but really just some chopped chorizo and some scrambled eggs. Nothing added to the dish to give it a bit more flavour or character, say a drop of sauce of some kind? No.

      It came with parboiled chunks of potato billed as home fries, that seemed to have been dotted with a bit of chili powder or paprika, but had no crispness or evidence of purposeful griddling. Some fresh avocado slices on the side. A bit disappointing.

      My wife had an omelette with quinoa (there is quinoa all over the menu) that was more interesting. The quinoa was soft and prepared in a fairly wet form, which I think they probably sell as their quinoa stew elsewhere on the menu. This was better.

      A beet-based extraction drink was very good.

      Service was cheerful but not as exacting as in a typical brunch setting -- for example, the menu clearly states that you have a choice of white bread, brown bread or bagel with the omelette items but we weren't asked about this and were given brown toast. Equally, though the menu is set up to function as a breakfast/brunch menu in part, they didn't have any mention of side order options and sausage (seemingly a breakfast staple) was completely missing from the menu.

      It still seems to want to be a breakfast place and I think it needs to be better in that respect. It doesn't seem (even though it is two incarnations removed now) much different, on the breakfast front, from Danny's Diner which was unremarkable at best. I think the menu is more promising as a whole than Great Taste seemed to be (I had the pork loin sandwich there and it was terrible) and I hope it proves to be so, but a first trip wasn't stellar.

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        Thanks for the feedback (no pun intended.) They are supposedly open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so it might be worth a shot to try lunch or dinner to see if it's any more exciting. I'll have to check it out sometime soon.

      2. Had a very nice late lunch. The menu is a bit odd. Very breakfast heavy, then a variety of dishes from across Latin America. I tried the purple corn beverage, it was a bit sweet but quite tasty. The grilled chicken sandwich was on some lovely bread. The chicken had been marinated in that ubiquitous Peruvian yellow pepper sauce, then topped with a slaw made with that same pepper base. Awesome for only $6.50 with some crappy fries. The waiter was very helpful. He was Honduran, the staff at that moment in the back was Salvadorean, so at his suggestion we went with some pupusas and empenadas as well. Eat them, do your self a favor.

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          Thanks for the report. I'm eager to try them out as I'm such a macchu pichu fangrrrl. (Grilled Chicken outpost only.)

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            I tried that marinaded chicken sandwich for lunch today. I found the chicken really quite flavorful and liked the bread too. Messy to eat, though. I thought the fries were fine. My DC, who is a mostly vegetarian pescatarian found his options limited. He ended up with a veggie burrito, which he said was about average.

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              Yeah. The sliced tomatoes weren't helping, either flavor wise or mess wise (they kept squirting out when I went), plus they were flavorless as any tomato in March. It is the kind of place where the 2nd time you go, they remember who you are. I really hope they do well, that block supports good chow and can squeeze in another local spot.