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Mar 6, 2012 05:36 PM

Restaurant food you've taken home to the dogs

Alice's thread inspired me ... that and the lobster and crab stuffed shrimp I got at Capital Grill recently. $35, I ate part of one, and fed the rest to the dogs (mighty expensive dog food). Luckily I already knew they weren't allergic to shellfish. Somehow feeding it to them feels better than tossing it in the trash.

I found it interesting that our waiter took note of my basically untouched plate, but didn't ask me how my food was, instead asking the people on either side of me, who were eating theirs. He suggested asking for him by name on a return visit (umm, no and no).

What about you?

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  1. At Carrabba's in Plano some pasta and shrimp special they were featuring one Sat. sometime back last fall.

    Wait, I don't have a dog. Doesn't matter it wasn't fit for man or beast. Both my wife and I ordered the special but had to send both our plates back due to the shrimp just being bad. I mean really bad. We then both ordered the Lobster Ravioli which wasn't very good but at least it was edible.

    1. Recently had shrimp enchiladas and they made with precooked obviously previously frozen shrimp. Just awful! I didn't have the heart to feed them to my cat, she definitely deserves better!

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        Interesting that all 3 examples involve shrimp!

        The shrimp & lobster were noticeably not fresh ... not bad bad, just not quality ingredients. And the crab was all stringy, not lump crab ... they should be paying me to eat their crappy leftovers ;)

        As I was making the dogs' breakfast the next morning, I gave it all another try, and decided I had been absolutely right. The lobster had been cooked twice and was rubbery, in addition to not being fresh.

        I had enough to eat with my side, and someone else at the table kept complaining about basically nothing. I just didn't want to hear another complaint, even out of my own mouth, so I didn't say anything. But I am not going back.

      2. Whenever we go to some large event where a seated dinner is served -- usually a charity or political fund-raising event of some sort -- I always take a plastic baggie along. The protein -- be it rubber chicken or faux beef or some pinkish thing they call salmon or whatever -- usually is inedible, but the dogs are especially happy to see (and smell) us when we get home.