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Mar 6, 2012 04:45 PM

Duck, venison and boar sausages - how should I use them?

I got some frozen sausages from d'Artagnan that have been living too long in my freezer. They're duck and armagnac, wild boar and sage, and venision and cherry. They're smaller than I anticipated (not really eat-on-a-bun size) and pretty fatty, so I'm thinking of incorporating them as a flavoring agent rather than eating them as a main dish. What would you use these with?

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  1. I typically par boil my wild boar/duck sausage, then strip off the casings and chop. I then brown the meat and serve as a side with eggs at the breakfast table. I've also processed it this way to use as an ingredient is various casseroles.

    1. Pasta! Chop and put into a Marinara sauce, or combine with a sauté of onions, butternut squash, and greens.

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      1. If these are good quality sausages (and if they're from d'Artagnan, I'd guess they are), then the last thing I would do is want to bury the sausage's quality and distinctive meat flavor in a sauce or casserole. Most people wouldn't be able to taste the difference between a bolognese or ragu made with cheap supermarket pork, boar, or venison, so why spread a high quality sausage across a whole sauce. It'd be like using a $100 bottle of wine in a bolognese.

        Personally, I'd let the sausages star. Something like boar sausage on a bed of polenta seems like a natural Northern Italian pairing. Duck sausage with a roasted potatoes (potatoes roasted in duck fat!!!), or the venison sausage with a deeply flavored couscous.

        I'd be thinking of carefully grilling or roasting these sausages to coax out all the flavor and the crispness of the casing (did d'Artagnan supply cooking guidelines for these sausages, like internal temperature, so you don't overcook them and render out all the fat?), and serving them whole with a starch. Might seem simple, but I'd guess these sausages will be flavorful, and these kinds of dishes would be similar to those served still served rustically in many parts of Europe.

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          I agree with all of the above except I prefer risotto over polenta. Or just paired with slices of really great bread to clean up the juices.