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What pies are you baking for Pi Day - 2012 edition

Pi Day is March 14th, so bake some pie! I'm getting a jump on it this weekend by making a sour cherry pie, a coconut custard pie, and a lime pie -- not sure I can find key limes, but if I can, key lime pie. Then I will have to decide what to make next Wednesday. Given the preponderance of sweet pies this weekend, I am looking to make a savory pie for Pi Day. What will you bake for Pi Day?

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  1. Crawfish ~~ Pecan ~~ Buttermilk....Sometime that week.

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      Uncle B, care to share your buttermilk pie recipe? It sounds my-t-fine.

    2. I'll be making NZ mince pies (by mince I mean ground beef, not fruit mince).

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        I would love your recipe for NZ mince pies. I'm quite a fan of the Australian version.

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          I just chose this recipe from the 'Woman's Weekly' http://www.nzwomansweekly.co.nz/food/... since it's made in muffin tins. I wouldn't say it's the best recipe NZ has to offer but it's easy and good enough for me. However instead of buying pastry I decided to use this pastry http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/pa... from Jamie Oliver.

      2. So glad to know the 14th is PIE day! Hardly needed an excuse, but one will be taken:)

        Me thinks a leek and bacon pie will be made, to have as breakfast and lunchy food for a couple of days around here, and I think I will make a blueberry-sour cream pie courtesy of L. Nightshade's Mr. Nightshade that sounded easy and great from the 'what's for dinner? 130" thread...

        1. Even though I am not usually a fan, this Fine Cooking lemon meringue is begging me to make it: http://www.finecooking.com/videos/how...

          I do not know if I can wait until the 14th... I might make a sour cherry then, if I can remember what my favorite recipe was.

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            I love Nick Malgieri's method for cherry pie (which is given with his blueberry pie recipe) wherein he cooks some of the cherries and their juice with cornstarch and sugar, and then folds that in to the rest of the cherries. For me, it resulted in the best cherry pie I ever made with perfect texture. It was great, and I'll use it again on Saturday!

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              Fresh cherries? I have never had the pleasure of seeing any fresh sour cherries in person. I have to use canned or jarred. I think my favorite might also be a FC recipe.

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                Yes, fresh in June but frozen since then. For some reason, frozen or jarred sour cherries are very hard to come by in our area, and so we try to buy, pit, and freeze as much as we can in the summer. I made the pie from canned sour cherries that I mail ordered last year. They were pretty good, and I used this method.

          2. Rhubarb, no strawberries in it. Just rhubarb. It is our spring favorite.

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              I have to plant some rhubarb, that's all there is to it.

            2. Having recently watched the DVDs of Pushing Daisies, I have Caramelized Pear Pie in a Gruyere Crust on the brain. Already have the cheese. There is no actual recipe from the show so I will be cobbling one together from similar types of pie.

              Too bad the new cookbook, "Pie it Forward", is not coming out in time for Pie Day. But here is a link to one of its recipes, the Elvis Pie, for reckless bakers who laugh in the face of coronary artery disease! http://www.pieitforwardcookbook.com/2...

              1. After making this lemon-goat cheese tart yesterday, to raves all around, I think I'll make it again for Pi Day. The crust--shortbread-y and delicious--is the easiest, least fussy I've ever made, with no rolling, tearing, shrinking, toughening. I had lemon curd in the fridge, eliminating that step. Whisking together the goat cheese filling was a breeze. (I might try doubling the amount next time as I think I'd like even more of the goat cheese.)

                If you like lemon and goat cheese, this is a winner.


                1. I'm feeling so indecisive -- too many pies to choose from! There are definitely worse decisions to have to make ... lol.

                  1. I have all the ingredients for an inexpensive blueberry pie, so for me it's gonna be a 3.14.12 inexpensive blueberry pie. Somehow the recipe calls for rolled oats. That's gonna be interesting.
                    I also have a recipe for oatmeal cookies utilizing NO flour at all. Might as well try that too. That recipe has mashed bananas in it.

                    1. Being insanely busy today, my pie will have to be pizza pie from the pizzeria, but here are the pies I baked on Saturday -- sour cherry, Persian Lime, and Coconut Cream...

                      1. I made butterscotch. Going to a friend's for dinner this week-end, think I'll make crack pie for that.

                        1. I made banana-coconut cream pie today. Happy Pi Day everyone!

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                            1. having just gotten home, i really should just let it go, but i have these (gifted) meyer lemons that are calling my name... so i'm gonna trudge into the kitchen... planning on a Meyer Lemon Curd Pie with a Pistachio Rosemary Pate Sablee crust....

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                                I love the idea for this pie, and particularly the crust! Do you have a recipe you'd care to share? How'd it turn out? Photo please!

                                1. re: roxlet

                                  i'll post a pic when i can figure out how to negotiate successfully with my camera to release the pictures it's so kindly storing... but good i think...

                                  100-110 g flour
                                  1/3 c crushed pistachios
                                  rosemary sprigs
                                  1 1/2 tbsp. sugar
                                  ¼ tsp. salt
                                  100 g butter, unsalted
                                  1 egg yolk
                                  ½ tsp. vanilla
                                  ½ tsp. lemon juice
                                  2 1/2 tbsp. ice water

                                  Roast the pistachios with the rosemary sprigs, tossing every few minutes.
                                  Discard rosemary.
                                  Mix flour, sugar, salt, and then add butter and mix til coarse pea sized crumbs.
                                  Mix egg yolk, vanilla, lemon juice, and water. And mix into dry just til comes together. Knead slightly til dough forms.
                                  Turn it out onto a floured counter and knead 4-5 times. Wrap well and chill til use.


                              2. Made Maida Heatter's pumpkin pie. Very weird: her recipes are usually perfect, but the cooking time on this one was WAY off. Supposed to start at 450 for 10 minutes, then 350 for another 40 or so. Mine took more than 30 additional minutes! I had an oven thermometer that said that my oven temp was correct. I didn't use a glass pan (like she recommended) -- I used a ceramic Emile Henri (sp?). Could that be it? But, regardless, it was a huge hit. My husband & kids LOVED it. (I'm lactose-intolerant so had to skip this one.)

                                1. I made pizza pie! Plain cheese for the kids, roasted veggie & feta for husband & me.

                                  1. I made a chicken pot pie and a rhubarb pie for our repast last night. Too bad it only comes once a year.