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Mar 6, 2012 04:30 PM

looking for good anchovie paste yyc

need a tasty sub for canned 'chovies.

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  1. I've never really found a paste that adds the same degree of flavour as the kind that is sold as really small fillets (oil packed) in the small glass jars in the refrigerated/pickle section at places like sunterra.

    I know it's not paste, but these have more flavour IMHO and they pretty much last forever in the oil with a resealable lid.....which is why I'm assuming you don't want canned?

    I know sunterra has them...pretty sure cookbook company has them, and co-op just might.

    If you really need them pasted just mash them with a knife and salt, or with a mortar and pestle like you would with garlic.

    Hope this helps....apologies if I just rambled on and you really need paste haha

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    1. re: johnjohnson78

      i agree with you on the flavor of the fillets (ive cured them myself)its the small bones i have trouble with.the mortar/pestle thing sounds good ,i didnt think of that thanks.

      1. re: howlin

        Understandable. The ones I've been buying in the small jars with the blue lid are so tiny that I've never (and I mean never) noticed the tiny bones after a quick smashing.....whether it be a ceasar salad, pasta dish or anything really.

        Much respect for curing your own!

      2. re: johnjohnson78

        Most of the Italian grocery stores also have the jarred ones: Lina's, Italian Supermarket, etc... I also have never encountered a "bone" issue with any of these small jars packed in oil.

      3. Most processed anchovies pretty much melt in anything you put them into after a good chop with a knife and mash with a fork, a pretty quick task. As another poster mentioned get them at an Italian store-I like Scarpones/The Italian Staor. And get the ones packed in olive oil, usually a bit more expensive but worth it, especially as you don't use much anyway.