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Mar 6, 2012 04:25 PM


Just moved to Hollywood from Irvine and am looking for a good asian market. I am absolutely obsessed with the huge fuji apples at the H Mart and/or Zion Market in Irvine and would love to find a market up there with the same apples. Thanks!

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  1. Where in Hollywood? I live in West Hollywood and the nearest Korean market to me is Hankook Market on Western and 1st...

    1. I used to live in Los Feliz....and there were a number of places on Hollywood Blvd.....just east of Western....that were great!

      1. You are a short drive to K-town, I like Assi. 8th just east of western. Its big, clean, well stocked and haas good prices. There are others in the area as well

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          than you all! im right by the chinese theater and the roosevelt. on north orange drive

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            Silom Market & Bangluck are ~2 mi away. Really though, I think a "Yelp" search would've been a helluva faster.

            I much prefer the smaller Thai markets since they have interesting curry pastes & galangal, etc. vs. the big ol Ktown supermarkets with the 25 brands of gochujiang that all do the exact damned same thing.

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              Blasphemy! You have to get the right kind of gochujang! I have 3 kinds at home and they are all different. You really can't compare Thai markets & Korean markets - there is no substitute for Thai markets as there is no substitute for Korean markets - they are so completely different, carry different ingredients -cuts of meat, sauces/pastes, vegetables/herbs, dry goods/grains... the flavor profiles & ingredients in Korean & Thai food are night and day. Can't believe anyone would compare those 2 cuisines and suggest that the ingredients (and shopping for them) are interchangeable. And heck, same goes for Chinese & Japanese markets.

              Oh, to OP's question: Bangluck & Silom on Hollywood for Thai, HK market, Plaza market, Galleria market, all on Western for Korean. Nearest 99 Ranch is probably the one in the valley (Sepulveda several blocks north of the 101). Nearest Japanese market would be in J-town or WLA (Nijiya, Marukai, Mitsuwa).

              1. re: TonyC

                But you won't find those fuji apple the size of a baby's head at the Thai markets! I do like Silom Market but their produce isn't always in the best of shape

          2. Although you best bet is Koreatown. There are amazing (all beit pricy) asian pears and Apples sold at Hollywood Farmers Market...