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Mar 6, 2012 04:06 PM

Going to Quebec city tonight, must-go places to eat?

I am on my way to Quebec City, from Montréal, and was wondering about must-go places to eat. Never been to Quebec City before so a little help would be appreciated. Looking for a good value place, not necessarely cheap, but I cannot afford going to expensive restaurants, being a poor university student. Thanks!

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  1. Ashton for the poutine...Mini avec saucisses!

    1. Lapin Sauté is rather moderately priced and unique. Crêperie Le Billig also. Bistro Le Hobbit from memory is pretty reasonable as well for a good meal.

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        Le buffet de l'Antiquaire, Paillard, Le Pain Beni, L'Entrecôte St-Jean, are some interesting restaurants from small to medium budget

      2. Le St-Amour is one of the most highly rated restaurants in Quebec city, but it's also probably one of the most expensive. However, if you go for lunch they have a three course meal starting at 18$. It's a great way to enjoy their food at an affordable price...