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Mar 6, 2012 03:38 PM

Best Restaurants Near University of Pittsburgh

Hello. We're touring the University of Pittsburgh with my college-bound daughter. Anyone have recommendations for some good fine-dining nearby?

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  1. Not fine dining, but good Asian cheap eats at Lu-Lu's Noodles on Craig St, near the museum. Our experience at the new location of Legume, about 2 miles further up Craig Street, was not great. But it was only the second night it had been open. I have since read some really good reports about Legume, so might be worth checking out.

    A little further away in Shadyside/East Liberty are some good options and are probably better bets. Soba, if you like Asian, Salt of the Earth or Dinette in East Liberty. The chefs of these latter two restaurants are both up for best new chefs (Mid-Atlantic).

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      The Porch is real nice and so is Legume. Both near University.

    2. I would second Effort's suggestions. The Porch is located in the heart of campus, on Schenley Plaza, across from the Cathedral of Learning. I've also had a good experience at Legume - located on Craig Street, which sort of divides Pitt and CMU. For American/pub food, the Union Grill, also located on Craig Street, is another option and one which caters to student/parent visits.

      Depending on where you are staying/parking the Porch and Union Grill are easily walkable from Pitt. Legume might be a block too far for some.

      1. I did the same thing with my daughter last year. We stayed at the Shadyside Marriott. We walked to Sharp Edge for mussels and BRGR for, well, burgers. We enjoyed both places very much.

        1. A bit more upscale Spoon
          A bit more casual Salt of The Earth

          both really high quality food - check the menus ahead of time..both are great. Reservations recommended.