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Mar 6, 2012 03:19 PM

Have many skinny asparagus stems (only). Can I use them in a veggie juice cocktail???

Hi all. This isn't earth shattering or anything, but I bought a bunch of asparagus recently and have been breaking off the tender stems and tops for dinners. I am now confronted by a bag of (about) 5-6" stems.

I've gone on a twice daily veggie juice cocktail kick (home done with my juicer) and I'm loath to throw out those stems. Can I add them to the juicer, along with beet, parsley, fruits, carrots, etc.?? Anyone ever tried this?


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  1. I have never tried that kind of veggie cocktail...should be okay, but keep in mind that even 'skinny' asparagus will make a BIG fat flavour addition, maybe a little too powerful. Perhaps you shouldn't bother trying to blend it in with something else, but let it star in its own Cream of Asparagus soup?

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      Thanx LJS. I've never tried Cream of Asparagus soup, but may give it a try.

    2. I bet the stems would be wonderful pickled and used to garnish a different sort of cocktail (a Caesar or a martini, for example).

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      1. re: BananaBirkLarsen

        Not a bad idea at all, BananaBirkLarsen!!! Never occurred to me to pickle the stems but I'll think on it.

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          Pickled veggies are one of life's greatest pleasures! I've been meaning to do green beans forever, but now I kind of want to try skinny asparagus pickles too.

      2. Raw Asparagus can tend to be very bitter, like raw artichokes. I'd go with the soup idea -- simmer, puree then strain.

        1. if you peel them with a vegetable peeler, they will be a lot more tender.