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Mar 6, 2012 03:17 PM

Late Night Great Food in the French Quarter

My flight gets not New Orleans at 9:34 tonight. I am staying at the Sheraton on Canal Street. I would appreciate any late night local food recommendations, so I can end the day with a good meal. Thanks in advance for any and all replies.


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  1. Deja Vu at Conti and Dauphine. Open 24 hours -- food is pretty good. Too bad it's not Monday -- that's Fried Chicken night.

    1. I have the exact same situation. Question other options such as Daisy Duke, Coops, Camillia Grill. Looking for a clean place that would be somewhat memorable with good food. A more formal restaurant that also serves late eg. 11 PM would also be acceptable in the French Quarter

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        I'm not familiar with Daisy Duke, but Coops and Camilia Grill are more dives. I like the food at Coops (not so much Camilia Grill which is basically dinner food), but it's not a "clean place", it's a dive.

        1. re: Niki in Dayton

          I think maybe you are getting Camellia Grill mixed up with the Clover Grill....Clover is on the colorful end of Bourbon, best for late night when alcohol has blurred your vision and memory of the lack of attention to health code. Camellia in the FQ is new, and not a health hazard, AFAIK. Not that Clover has not played a part in many a late night for me... ;-)

      2. Although not in the Quarter, La Boca and Root, both on Fulton Street in the Warehouse District, are both open late, Root quite late. 

        1. If you have a car and they are still open you could stop at Bozo's in Metairie. As I recall it's not far off the highway from the freeway to town.

          On my 1st visit to NO, I arrived late and went to Praline Connection, a little out of the quarter. It was pretty good and casual.