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Mar 6, 2012 01:58 PM

St. Petersburg/Tampa restaurant recommendations

My brother and I are headed to spring training and staying in St. Pete for 5 days. Any advice on good coffee and breakfast places in downtown St. Pete? For dinner and or lunch restaurants, we are thinking about the following but open to suggestions. Thanks, Dara
Pane Rustica
Wine Exchange
Ted Peters
Terra Sur
Salt Rock Grill

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  1. Pane Rustina-one of the best restaurants in Tampa
    Terra Sur-yum
    Salt Rock Grill-good but overpriced
    Try El Puerto in Ybor City for great Argentinian

    1. Pane- amazing (lunch is the way to go though, bang for buck there is no better restaurant in Tampa)
      Wine Exchange- meh
      Sideberns- amazing (happy hour is the way to go on this one, again no better bang for buck given the quality and creativity of the food)
      Mid-Peninsula- yummy!
      Ted Peters- worth a visit
      Terra Sur- some of the best tapas we have to offer
      Salt Rock Grill- not bad, but not worth going out of your way for.