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Mar 6, 2012 01:54 PM

Intergalactic foodies

On a foggy night space aliens arrive at your doorstep. They are short, green and have huge stomachs. Using a universal translator, the space aliens explain that they have just arrived at Earth and they are ignorant to its riches. The space aliens also explain that they experience new worlds primarily by tasting them. Being utterly possessed by their perceptions of flavors, the space aliens are frantic as they beg you for guidance.

If you were the ambassador of San Francisco, what three quintessential Bay Area meals, snacks, food items, or food experiences would you recommend to these intergalactic foodies? They are not keen on learning your subjective favorites. Rather, they would like to sample foods that you think are both excellent and representative of the very unique culture that exists below the fog.

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      1. swan's oyster depot
        roli roti porchetta sandwich

        1. al pastor taco from Taqueria San Jose
          oysters and sourdough bread and butter at swan oyster depot
          bacon wrapped hot dog on Mission Street

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            haha. god, i love this post. nice one, Stomach!

          2. The original comment has been removed