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Mar 12, 2002 05:01 PM

Palm Desert nice restaurants

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Need to have a business dinner for 12 people. Any great restaurants that you can recommend?

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  1. My favorite is Arnie Morton's in the shopping center across the street from the Mariott Desert Springs Resort. There is also a Ruth's Chris up on Hwy 111. Mariott has about six restaurants. You can check them out at their web site. I have been to a couple of them but don't remember their names, one was in essence the "hotel dining room" which wasn't bad. The other I believe specialized in seafood, but it was not remarkable. I believe they also have an Italian, and a Japanese. They also have a bar/nightclub if your guests want to dance after dinner.

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      Richard Price

      I like Cuistot in Palm Desert. We've never been disappointed, and the service is excellent. I think it's worth the price.

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      torta basilica

      There's really nothing 'GREAT,' but there are some nice places that you will enjoy.

      Don't know if you need a private room or not, but...

      For somewhere interesting, I'd suggest the La Quinta Grill in the town of La Quinta (not the hotel). Very good food & unique surroundings in a big old ranch style house wrapped around a large patio. Probably my favorite food in this area as they don't attempt things they can't achieve.

      People like Club 74, Wally's, Jillian's, Palomino & Cuisintot, but they'll have to talk you in to one of these - in my mind, all fall in to way too expensive for what they are.

      Best French - Le St. Germain in PD - they have a lovely covered patio. Not the fabulousness or setting of Le Valluris,, their sister restaurant in PS, but still very good food, service & wine - and a lot shorter drive.

      As obviously on an expense account, the restaurant at the former Ritz Carlton in RM is spectacular - blanking on the new name of the hotel now, though.

      For Italian, I like Massimo in RM - can't tell you why, but have always enjoyed evenings there.

      Avoid all other hotel restaurants like the plague - we have stayed at Marriott Desert Springs, Hyatt Grand Champions, & the Stouffer & eaten at all of those plus the Westin & the Miramonte - don't bother. Uniformly bad, boring & very confused service.

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        Andy Abramson


        Both Fleming's Steak HOuse and Wine Bar and Roy's in Rancho Mirage should be able to accomodate you.

        Andy Abramson