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Mar 6, 2012 01:26 PM

Where to try Canadian wine in central Vancouver?


I am visiting Vancouver from the UK in the summer and am keen (as I know very little about it) to try plenty of Canadian wine. Was hoping for some top tips on either bottle shops that may have tastings on, restaurants that have good wine lists (ideally by the glass) or bars that offer wine flights. If they happen to fall within Happy Hours then all the better.

I will likely be staying in either Downtown/Kitsilano or possibly further souh in Riley Park/Little Mountain, depending on where I finally decide upon for accommodation.

Thanks for any thoughts

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  1. These stores are a very good bet:
    They only carry VQA B.C. wines (sorry no wines from Ontario). They have the same pricing as the Liquor board stores with a better selection. Tastings every Saturday.

    Most of our better restaurants have a selection of B.C. wines and some that are exclusives.
    Sorry but Happy Hour does not exist here for liquor.

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      Perfect, thanks. All being well we'll be in Vancouver on a saturday too so may be able to taste before I buy.

      Good to hear local restaurants supporting the wines too, can't wait to try them with some BC cooking

    2. The Kitsilano Daily Kitchen on W.1st Ave, between Burrard and Cypress, has a good number of wines by the glass (or bottle), IIRC when we were there once last Fall. However I don't know what their mix of Canadian/BC wines is, and the wine list seems to change daily.

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      1. If you are staying downtown there is a great place on Seymour called Uva that has lots of BC wines by the glass (with 4, 5, 6, 8 oz pours so you don't have to get soused).
        900 Seymour Street.

        1. near downtown, Swirl VQA shop (Mainland Street), and Legacy Liquor Stores (Olympic Village) have in-store tastings, especially on the weekends. Register for their mailing lists for a couple of months prior, to see whether the events are the type you're looking for.