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Mar 6, 2012 01:26 PM

Dungeness crab meat in/near the Mission

Visiting the City and looking for a good source for picked Dungeness crab meat in or near the Mission. I read the Dungeness '11 thread and searched for picked crabmeat specifically, but didn't
come up with much. Thanks for any insight.

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  1. I think Costco has a dual package of 2 5oz Dungeness crab for about $15.

    1. you might want to call Sun Fat on Mission Street.

      2687 Mission St
      (between 22nd St & 23rd St)
      San Francisco, CA 94110
      Neighborhood: Mission
      (415) 282-9339

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      1. re: mariacarmen

        Thanks-I stopped by there; no picked crab, but excellent live ones. Very nice shop as has been mentioned in this forum, crabs were quickly dispatched and cleaned in halves. Great with some roasted asparagus and leftover jambalaya as a side. Yum.

        Followed up with a crab sandwich at Duarte's this afternoon. I love the way they grill the bread and use that as the inside-keeps it from getting soggy while the bread is moist on the out(bite) side. Delicious sauteed baby artichokes were the icing on the cake.

        1. re: dmiles

          Basa Seafood Express
          3064 24th Street (@ Treat)

          Although it isn't on the menu, I would call to inquire about ordering 'picked crabmeat'.

          1. re: Cynsa

            FWIW, Basa Seafood Express and Sun Fat seem to be related -- same family, maybe different family members in each. Bassa has crabs, but I believe you need to cook & crack them yourself.

            1. re: Calvinist

              The family is so very nice; I'd call and ask if they might cook and prepare picked crab by order - who knows, they just might do it for you. Doesn't hurt to ask - they can 'just say no'.

              1. re: Calvinist

                why do you think they're related?

        2. There's something about Dungeness, it doesn't survive picked. Last christmas, I hand carried a few cooked & cleaned (not picked) across the country for christmas dinner. I picked it a few hours before dinner. My "sampling" as I was picking was the crab was sweet and perfect, in the five hours between that and dinner, all the sweetness left, I don't know the chemical reason.

          Princeton Seafood gives good crab further north, and it doesn't get any fresher unless you eat on a boat.