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Mar 6, 2012 01:03 PM

Jockey Box rental for wedding in Ogunquit

Does anyone know of anyone who rents Jockey Boxes? I'm looking to get one with 2-3 taps for our wedding in Ogunquit. We live in Boston so a place locally would be ideal but NH or ME is fine.

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  1. Try calling one of the bigger beer stores - Think Marty's, Blanchard's, Martignetti's....

    You need to know in advance what kegs you're gonna try to attach - a keg of Bud uses a different tap than a cornelius keg of a craft beer.

    Worst case, Google "homebrew club" in the area you're thinking of and start begging... :)

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      Cornelius (Corney) Kegs are really only used by home brewers nowadays. There are only a few different sankeys (device used to attach taps to kegs) used in today's kegs. American, European, German and English/Irish . And most imports are standardizing to the American sankey, thanks to in-bev. Most large stores should have a rental.