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Mar 6, 2012 12:46 PM

shopping for Greek ingredients

I am participating in March 2012 COTM The Olive and The Caper.

Where can I purchase authentic ingredients in Broward/ Miami/Dade counties?

meat, cheese, olive oil, grape leaves,dairy products

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  1. COTM? Olive and caper?
    Anyway: Hellas imports in Hollywood is your start point

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    1. re: non sequitur

      I never knew Hellas was open to the public. I drive by there all the time. Thanks for the information. I can't wait to stop in there!

      1. re: pilches

        I have been there one time-good service and friendly

    2. Cookbook of the Month "the Olive and the Caper"
      You can find this on Chowhound Board Home Cooking

      1. there is a great super authentic Mediterranean market in Plantation in the Mercede Plaza on University Drive & Sunrise Blvd.