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What to do with leftover ribeyes

After grilling a bunch of ribeye steaks for a party, I ended up with two leftover (fully cooked). I put them in the frig and I'm now trying to figure out a way to use the meat (about 1.5 pounds) for another meal. Any suggestions?

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  1. Steak and eggs. Slice and sautee the steak lightly to heat it up.
    Sliced steak sammiches
    Sliced steak over a bed of spinach and greens

    1. I like to make a nice cream sauce [Alfredo] and add the steak [sliced] ....

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        At first I thougth you wrote Ice cream!!! Alfredo sauce sounds good.
        You can also cut the steak into small cubes and add to a stir fry.

      2. Add to a Caesar or Greek Salad

          1. Slice thin and make cheesesteaks!

            1. It's already been said but Philly Cheesesteaks or slice and serve over a salad.

              1. Sliced on top of vietnamese rice noodle/salad bowl. if you want to get fancy, then make "bo nuong hanh huong" which are rolls of thinly sliced steak wrapped around a sliver of grilled onion and dressed with scallion oil

                or tacos. yum.

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                  Beef pot pie
                  Shredded beef tacos
                  Pulled BBQ sandwiches
                  Cubed in hash

                2. just curious. . .so what did you end up doing with the ribeyes?