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Mar 6, 2012 10:59 AM

Best higher end Happy Hours in Waikiki??

Coming for a long weekend soon on a little more of a budget than usual, and interested in where some of the better happy hours are, i.e. not the ones with beer and shots but also need not be ultra cheap. Some examples would be the Royal Hawaiian Mai Tai Bar and the House without a Key - except that they do not have happy hour pricing, and I would prefer not to pay $14 for a drink.

Ideally would like Hawaiian music in a nice atmosphere. Any ideas about the higher end hotels or places that might be a little under the radar for this? Mahalo!

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  1. This can be a fun place and it has great music, not sure that it is the level of "high end" you are looking for when you mention HWAK or Royal Hawaiian. You are kind of looking for the impossible but I have been here and it was most enjoyable.

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      Mahalo manomin. This is a place I had not known about and looks great.

      Actually I assumed I was not looking for the impossible but just maybe the unknown. The last Ritz Carlton I stayed at had a wonderful happy hour and the high end steak house around the block had another really great one. Of course these were in the mid-west and not Hawaii, but I have found that the nicer hotels often have really worthwhile, but not well publicized, happy hours in lovely places. I don't know Waikiki that well so was just looking for something other than the HWAK or RH that I may have missed.

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        Your Hawaiian music request is the stumbling block. There are other happy hours (including at Ala Moana shopping center, Mai Tai Bar, Morton's.) Vino & Hiroshi for 1/2 price food from 5:30 - 6:30 but no music. Sometimes Rumfire at the Sheraton has music poolside, if you are lucky to catch Corey Oliveros anywhere you will be extremely glad he's amazing. Have a great trip!

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          Ah, got it.I suppose that is right that the music is more for the tourists and on the beach in Waikiki, where RH and HWAK don't need to have happy hours! The Kani Ka Pila Grille suggestion at the Outrigger is a great one and I will try Rumfire too. Will also watch for Corey Oliveros who I have not heard of - he is playing some afternoon gigs at Moana Surfrider and Sheraton Edge Bar so mahalo for the tip.

          1. re: sfdoc

            Great you are going to try to hear him, he's amazing. And, whoops, I spaced out and added an "e" to his first name, it's just Cory. He has also played at Roy's Ko Olina which is a beautiful setting and the other Ko Olina properties.
            If you get a chance and have a car drive out to Heeia Pier Deli & General Store. This place is a true gem and serving food at notches unknown in a beautiful rustic little setting (think picnic benches but a waterfront setting). You can have a beer but you have to buy it in a paper bag and drink it that way! I love to have lunch there! It's in Kaneohe.

            1. re: manomin

              Thanks for the tips! We have been to Ko Olina and love it but not this trip. And for a real first in Hawaii (trips every year) I will not have a car. This is just a quick weekend solo trip because I miss the islands so much! But have added Heeia Pier to my general Oahu travel notes and will check it out next trip.

    2. No music, but I like BKT Steak at the Trump for a high-end happy hour.

      1. I would go to the Marriott Waikiki for Hawaiian music Thursday and Sunday and Chai's Bistro.

        I can't think of a place that is high end with happy hour and music.

        I do love Morton's. The Barefoot Bar too, but it isn't high end, just fun.

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          I love Chai's and saw Nathan Aweau there last visit. But no car this time and my mission is to try to make HNL easy for long weekends!

          cookie monster, thanks for BKT rec. Worth checking out for those nights when no music is fine.

        2. Aloha..
          Love Mai Tai bar at RH but the drinks can be very pricey but the beer is $6 bucks..
          House without a key
          Rumfire at Sheraton Waikiki
          Top of Waikiki
          Hula Grill...excellent mai tais for $4 and delicious calamari
          Beach House at Moana Surfrider

          Music is the tough one..