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Mar 6, 2012 10:37 AM

Where can you buy Bombay duck in GTA?

Has anyone seen Bombay duck being sold anywhere in GTA?

According to this article, it's available fresh in Toronto where there is a large Indian population. Has anyone seen it in a Chinese supermarket?

Any tip is greatly appreciated!


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  1. I've never seen it fresh, but then I never looked as I didn't think it's available fresh. It's very perishable and I'd only expect to find it frozen. I heard that it was available frozen Bestwin Supermarket on Victoria Park, but don't know the availability. I tried calling as if they had it, I'd drive over but their phone system is useless and I think some of the employees dont speak English, so all I heard was dead air.

    I have bought it dried from a place in Mississauga that sells foods from Goa. Here is the website:

    1. I too have been searching for them!! So popular in the UK but no luck in TO!! Sigh!!!

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        Bombay ducks are a favorite of mine. I make sure to eat a fresh Bombay duck curry when I am in India, but that's not too often these days! Charles, are you looking for fresh or dried ones?

        1. re: foodyDudey

          foodyDudey: Thanks for the two tips. I presume you are Indian, sorry if I'm mistaken. Any Indian seafood stores in Toronto that you know? If yes, where?

          Charles: Here is a link for you on Bombay duck if you have any interest in doing some followup.



          1. re: ericdunn

            Hi Eric,

            yes I was born in India but have been here since 1960, when Toronto was a different place! I don't know of any Indian seafood stores, and I doubt there are any. Usually you can only find frozen fish and it often isn't coming from India, but Vietnam or China. (such as pomfret, which is one we would have in India). Maybe you can visit BestWin and see if they have any frozen Bombay Duck, as I heard they had it in the past.

            1. re: ericdunn

              Thanks for the link! Eric!
              However, looking at their minimum order requirements in units of ' metric tons', I think I'll pass and wait for my next trip to London!! Ha!!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                That's too bad, I was hoping to buy 20 lbs from you after you got your order in :-)

                1. re: foodyDudey

                  I've seen frozen 1-lb packs of Bombay Duck at both Lone Tai Supermarket (Lawrence East at Kennedy) and Top Food Supermarket (Lawrence East, just east of Midland/west of Brimley). It was labeled Product of India and they were headless. Maybe 6 or 7 fish per pack (they looked quite small.) What would they taste like?

                  1. re: tekkamaki

                    Fresh ones don't have much taste, so are the perfect fish for Canadians, who generally don't like fish with any flavour. The dried ones have a stronger taste, but I can't easily describe it. A few years ago, I could still buy Bombay duck pickle with pieces of fish in it, now the same pickle has just 2.5% "Bombay duck flavouring" If you want to check out a recipe similar to what my relatives in India would make from dried Bombay Ducks, have a look at this: I think I'll have to make some myself, I have all the ingredients incuding that elusive "bottle masala"

                  2. re: foodyDudey

                    Hello foodyDudey! LOL!!! I was thinking of doing the same!! Ha!
                    Actually, I crave for the dried crispy versions that were served in London Indian restaurants together with papadums as finger snacks before the meal!

                    1. re: Charles Yu

                      Charles, the dried ones are usually available from the place I have mentioned in Missssauga. Plus sometimes I have relatives bring me dried ones that they processed with spices when they come for a visit. But they sure smell up the kitchen when I roast them!

                      1. re: Charles Yu

                        I actually know the dried version quite well from the smell it is also known as Pomfret, the dry version should be available in most Indian grocery stores. beware the smell of your kitchen after preparing them though.

                        1. re: jayzen25

                          Dried Bombay duck is NOT pomfret. They don't even look similar or have the same texture.

                          1. re: jayzen25


                            Bombay duck and pomfret are not the same thing , plus I have never heard of dried pomfret( but i could be wrong).Bombay duck fresh is a squishy or delicate fish and pomfret on the other hand is quite firm like salmon.

                            And any dried fish smells quite a bit.It is not something that you cook usually if you haven't grown up eating it or have developed a taste for.

                            1. re: shakkar

                              Ok I guess I confused the two, I think what I was thinking of is Bombil - thats what some Indians call the dried Bombay Duck

              2. Just got some frozen Bombay Duck from a Chinese supermarket called Ocean's at Highway 10 and Eglinton in Mississauga. $1.99 per pack of 4.

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                1. re: Orencio

                  Saw some in the freezer today at T&T (Promenade) - $2.99, but looked like there might be more than 4 in there.

                  1. re: Orencio

                    was it called by any other name? or did it say Bombay duck- is it in the frozen section of Oceans

                        1. re: foodyDudey

                          sorry got it wrong, I thought they were the same plse disregard Pomfret is just another fish popular in India.