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Beef on Weck in Toronto?

I dig that Buffalonian bun....
anywhere to get that sammy in Toronto?

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  1. Highly doubt it. I've never seen a kimmelweck roll at any bakery in Toronto.

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    1. re: Yongeman

      you think there's any reason we don't have them here?

      1. re: atomeyes

        It's easier to count the places you can get them. Weck is rare it seems. I've never heard of it in any of my travels but for Buffalo.

        Charlie the Butcher in Buffalo is in the argument for best BoW. This here should help you out.


        1. re: Davwud

          I agree with Davwud about only finding them in Buffalo. I guess they're just one of those regional specialties that hasn't caught on elsewhere yet.

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            I haven't had the pleasure of trying CtB in Buffalo. I've enjoyed a few at Schwabls.

            Beef on Weck is about technique, as well, isn't it? Plus it is slightly time consuming to hand-slice the meat thin like that and do the dipping and building up the sandwich evenly so the meat is well-distributed out to the sides of the bun. Or is my experience unique to Schwabl's. Do other places machine-slice and dip en masse?

            I shop at Dimpflmeier's factory store periodically, and if no one else reports back before my next trip, I will be sure to check for weck buns.

            1. re: OTFOODIE

              From what the video shows, no it's not really technique. Probably the biggest problem with hand slicing the meat is most people won't have a sharp enough (or even correct) knife to do the job properly.


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                Saw the video - that was a serious knife! I had knife envy. The bun is also important but he shows how to make it using a regular kaiser and a mix of pretzel salt and caraway seeds.

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                  The carving process is quite different at Schwabls. Charlie put about 4-5 slices whereas Schwabls slices the beef razor-thin, dipping most of them in au jus, as well as the bun top. There was probably about the same amount of meat, just sliced much thinner and distributed more evenly. Also at Schwabls, the horseradish was optional.

                  Charlie's roasting technique is very close to one my family has been using for a few generations, but without the control an automation of that oven he has. I look forward to trying his sandwich some day.

                  Also, I forgot to check Dimpflmeier's for kimmelweck buns, but the video obviously makes that unnecessary..

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                    I am really excited because I am heading to Schwabis for a beef on weck this weekend - thanks to this post for educating me about a sandwich I didn't know about previously! Can't wait to try it....

      2. only place ive ever gotten those was from the bavarian sausage house at the cne in the food building

        1. A long shot but two places for the "maybe" list: Dimpflmeier's factory store and the main Future Bakery on N. Queen in Etobicoke.

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            Dimpflmeier did indeed have kimmelweck rolls - not sure if they still do. But of course, you will need to make the meat component at home : (

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              Did you watch the video I posted above?? Looks awfully simple to me.


              1. re: Davwud

                I did actually. Thanks, it was awesome!!

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                  Well my point is, it all looks easy. Time consuming but easy.


          2. Sadly, the only beef on weck I've had in Toronto was at a German deli in the Pure Food Building at the Ex. I've been to Charlie the Butcher's several times and it has been uniformly excellent.Fair warning though, the bun is salty (which I like) but may surprise those who don't like salt or are not expecting it.

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              Agreed. The first time I had BOW I actually scraped the salt and caraway off the bun. My salt tolerance is much higher now so I don't do that.