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Mar 6, 2012 09:47 AM

Florence - Easter weekend and following week

I just had a panic attack...we'll be arriving in Florence (from NYC) the day before Easter...are we going to find that most restaurants are closed on Sunday, or do people go out for the holiday as well? I'm also wondering how this might affect our overall eating options...any/all recommendations are most welcome!

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  1. Both Easter Sunday and Monday are holidays in Italy. That said, some restaurants will be closed, but others will be open and probably have special menus. Hard to say which ones will be open, so unfortunately you'll have to call and check.
    Easter Monday is a day a lot of Italians head out to the countryside, and have a big lunch. So you may want to look into that option.

    1. I am laughing so hard...just realized the same thing
      4Seasons has a Sunday brunch that will blow your mind

      1. Since this thread is alive again, I'm reminded that I never posted after our (WONDERFUL) trip...we were shocked to see that everything was open on Easter Sunday and Monday. We had Easter dinner at Il Brincello and I'm still wishing I could go back there every Sunday...sigh.