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Mar 6, 2012 09:24 AM

Kosher Catering

I am planning a Bat Mitzvah for my daughter and I would like to use either kosher or Glatt kosher catering and do this for under $100/head. I am willing to do this buffet style to lower costs if necessary. I live in Norwalk , CT and am not sure if anyone does this locally or if I have to bring in caterers from NY.

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  1. Mazel tov! I'd try re[osting your question on the Kosher board here on Chow. I am sure you will get lots of good info there.

    1. We catered 2 bar mitzvahs in Stamford with Margery Gussak catering. She's from Manchester, CT, but willing to work in FFC. A local alternative is Garelick and Herbs. They have a kosher catering menu. At the time of my son's affairs there was a question about their certification that deterred our synagogue from allowing them, but I believe that is now cleared up.

      (And Prettypoodle has a good suggestion about reposting to the Kosher board)

      1. try the new kosher restaurant that just opened in stamford (Kosh). maybe they cater? where are you planning to hold the event? if it's at a synagogue, they should be able to give you a list of kosher vendors on their "approved list." you could also call the local synagogue (or the nearest Chabad to ask who they recommend). and if it's not at a synagogue, you will need to hire a kosher caterer who also brings in all the serving pieces, utensils, plates, silverware, etc. or else there's no point...because once the kosher food touches the non-kosher items, it won't be kosher anymore. (I'm assuming at that price point you aren't planning to use plastic/paper.)

        and ditto the suggestion to repost on the kosher board.

        1. First of all...Mazel Tov.
          Now some basic questions?
          Lunch after Saturday Morning services, Dinner on Saturday Night? Oneg Shabbat on Friday Night? All have substantially differnt costs.

          Venue? At you synagogue where the Bat Mitzvah will take place or at another location? The synagogue usually works out to be cheaper.

          Menu? Meat, Dairy? Vegetarian? Believe it or not, Meat kosher catering is usually cheaper than dairy.

          That said, try:
          Abel Caterers from Woodbridge (Talk to Meredith or Stanley)

          (Disclosure-I worked for her late father 35 years ago, but have no business connection. I have used them to cater a family wedding and funeral reception in the past few years).

          If you are using an Orthodox synagogue, I am hearing some good things about: First Class Caterers from Waterbury. They are NY style in terms of their glassware and displays, and menus, but I do not know if they will go to a non-orthodox synagogue or to be koshered venue. They have a presence on facebook, but I haven't found a dedicated website. They seem to be price friendly.

          Someone upthread mentioned Margery Gussack, She would have to add substantial travel time and expense and this gets expensiove for lower FFD County, her food is good, but not cutting edge.
          I have tried eating at Kosh, the new place in Stamford, but I don't think they are ready for 'prime time' Too new, too uneven, but they are improving.

          As for bringing a caterer in from NY>>>you might be able to stay near your price goal with someone from Westchester, but if you have to bring someone from Brooklyn or Queens I doubt you can get a fine affair at $100pp.
          and unfortunately I got out of the buniess 30 years ago...............

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            Thank you for all of the ideas! I am planning a Sunday afternoon reception. I would like to do it in the synagogue, but it would have to be Glatt kosher. The aternative is to do it elsewhere, and then a "regular" kosher caterer would be good enough. I know my synagogue has recommended Meisner's in the past, has anybody heard of them?

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              Don't know anything about Meisner's. First Class from Waterbury is Glatt. Abel does (or did both Glatt and Non-Glatt) but you'd have to check with them as to the current situation. Think you may get more bang for your buck with First Class as they are looking to expand in your area.

          2. Has anyone heard of Beth Torah of Forest Hills caterers? I just recd a rave review from a friend and she said they come to CT. Also, I found a Yosi's cateres in Waterbury online. Has anyone ever heard of them? The Glatt world is small in CT and if I have if it at my shul, that is what is has to be.

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              Are your sure you don't mean Yosi in Windsor NOT Waterbury??????