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Mar 6, 2012 09:17 AM

LF Coffee shop in Etobicoke

I'm looking for a nice coffee shop in Etobicoke, or Bloor West Village. Must have good food (more than just pastries), free wifi, and friendly staff! I need a place where I can set up my laptop and do a bit of work while having lunch. I've been going to Java Joes on Rathburn for ages, but the food has really gone downhill, and the owner gives you dirty looks if you stay longer than it takes to eat your sandwich.

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  1. There a a couple of options for BWV: Coffee Tree and Red Bean Espresso

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    1. re: 5andman

      Friendly neighbor and Crema as well (just north of BWV).

      1. re: DDD

        Do you mean the Good Neighbour on Annette?

        I would suggest Birds 'n' Beans in Mimico - but their food is limited to a handful of sandwiches and one spinach empanada.

        Capital Espresso is laid back enough but again no real food; however, they allowed me to get roti from Roti Lady across the street.

        1. re: Food Tourist

          Yup, I meant Good Neighbour on Annette. I agree with Birds n' Beans - solid espresso and fantastic chocolate chip cookies.

    2. Artisano on Islington between Norseman and the Queensway.