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Mar 6, 2012 09:16 AM

Affordable food for one in/near Fairfax

I will be in Fairfax, VA for the weekend. I will be alone -- so looking for places where a solo diner would not look completely odd, but I'm pretty unselfconscious -- and on somewhat of a budget, though I'd be willing to splurge on one meal if it was worth it. Suggestions for breakfast/lunch/dinner? I like virtually all cuisines, and any restaurants that buy locally would be great.

TIA :)

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  1. I like Present (Vietnamese) in nearby Falls Church - it wouldn't be weird to eat alone there, not at all.

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    1. re: elenacampana

      Thanks! I have developed an appreciation for Thai and Vietnamese lately, and the website looks fantastic.

    2. My favorite places in Fairfax are Saravana Palace (South Indian) , Mazadar (Afghan), and Thai by Thai. Thai by Thai is counter service, but the food is serious.

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      1. re: Steve

        I have never had Afghan food. What would you recommend for a first timer?

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          The baba ganouj (their version is chocolatey brown from smoked paprika). the bulanee subzi (leek pastries) and the kadu chalow (pumpkin). Aushak or mantu (similar in flavor though the first is a soup and the second a dumpling). with ground beef, yogurt, and mint.

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            Thank you! I was looking at the menu on their site; those leek pastries along with the falafel platter sounds like a perfect meal for a meatless Lenten Friday :)

      2. I don't think it will fit your budget, but I wanted to mention it since I've eaten brunch alone at The Wine House - very pleasant experience. The food will not change your world, but it's pretty solid, and everyone there (especially the owner, Michael) is SO nice. Also a plus if you like wine. :-)

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          You're right -- not in my budget -- but I will keep it in mind in case I find a job there this weekend and end up moving ;) Thanks.