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Mar 6, 2012 09:14 AM

Little Hen - Holly Springs, NC

I'm very excited by the recent opening of this new farm-to-table spot in suburban Holly Springs. The concept/menu look very promising. According to their facebook page, they'll be starting a Sunday brunch service soon. Would love to hear some feedback if anyone has been.

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  1. Looks good. Anyone been? According to google maps its not too far from me, so maybe I can give it a try one of these days. Looks like its not really the best place for 3 kids though, so may need to wait for a babysitter night.

    It would be nice to have a farm to table place in southwestern wake county.

      1. I want to go just to get one of those huge meat boards to share.

        1. We had brunch there in April, so I don't know about the upcoming brunch notification on their Facebook page. The restaurant is in a newer strip and occupies a corner space. The dining room is bright and open, with plenty of natural light, a bar up front and some retail wine displayed.

          The menu on our visit was extremely limited and we ordered just about everything. Cheese board, cured meat board, prosciutto and cantaloupe ( odd to see melon in April considering the theme), French toast with berry compote and honey instead of syrup, sirloin with crisp fingerlings, a soup ( celery root, I think) that was surprisingly cold, a salad I can't remember and a burger stuffed inside French toast with a fried egg that we ordered but they turned out to be out of.

          Portions are on the small side, which was fine by me with the exception of the comically small cured meat board for $15. Service was good, with the exception of the burger order which I blame on the kitchen. They have a nice beer list, decent wines and a full bar. I did have bloody Mary which I couldn't drink, but appeared to be an attempt at homemade tomato juice. I didn't post a report after our first visit because I did not want to sound too negative and it was shortly after they opened. Definitely a restaurant that I want to like an will revisit soon.