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Mar 6, 2012 09:07 AM

Is it worth waiting for a weekend Vetri reservation?

I heard that there's some sort of Grand Tasting that's only available Friday or Saturday but don't see any difference in price listed on their website. I definitely want to have the best experience possible; Does anyone know if there's a difference in the tasting menus offered at Vetri on Weekends?

Also, any tips on whether or not the wine pairings are worthwhile? I love a good wine pairing but don't want to be drunk by the end of the meal and unable to appreciate the food.


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  1. The last time I went (before they went to all tasting menus), we did the grand tasting and I thought the wine pairing was so incredibly worth it. They were all wines that are never available by the glass and fancier bottles than I would buy. But, more than that, the pairings were really spectacular. I thought they so complemented the meal that it would have been a much different experience without them.

    1. There is only one chef's tasting menu at Vetri and it is the sole dining option, no matter when you go. So if you want to go during the week, go for it.

      I never did the wine pairing, but it's my understanding that it ends up being equivalent to around 2.5 glasses of wine. You probably won't leave drunk.

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        the grand tasting and the wine pairing is definitely worth it! DO NOT skip the pairing! and i rolled out of there half in the was easily equivalent to 4-5 glasses of wine. (this was a couple of years ago...not sure if it's changed.

      2. In spite of being a 'non-pairing' guy, do it here, you will be full and a little tipsy when you leave, but in a great way.