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Mar 6, 2012 08:34 AM

First Date Suggestion in Katonah?

Can anyone suggest a cozy, quiet lunch place in Katonah that's open Sundays?
I hear Blue Dolphin's nice but closed on Sunday.

What else? Even a short drive to a neighboring town (15min) is good for a nice place.

Thank you.

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  1. Well, Blue dolphin is anything but cozy - small yes, small and noisy. I can't think of a thing in Katonah for lunch. If you venture up a bit to North Salem you could try 121 - nice energetic vibe. BAccio in Cross River is a sister restaurant to Blue dophin and so is La fontaine
    Baccio is in Cross River - just across rte 35 and La Fontaine is closer on rte 100 and 35.

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      Thanks for the tips? Is Baccio also noisy? Is the food good, despite the noisiness/crowdedness? THis is Sunday lunch.

      Thanks again.

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        We just had dinner at 121 in N. Salem last night. We sat near the bar and the fireplace. We really enjoyed it. Such a friendly atmosphere and some lovely food, and a very nice wine. If it wasn't so far away from us, we'd be back often--

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          We love 121. We are about 15 minutes away but it is our go to place when we want to relax - especially on a Friday night!. Everyone is friendly and the food is good - love it. So glad you enjoyed it!!!

        1. You can try Peppino's - Italian, walking distance from train station. More on the restaurant, and other Katonah happenings, here:

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          1. La Fontaine, very pleasant atmosphere and best italian in the area, hands down, and I've lived here for 40 years. Great place for a date -- guaranteed to impress.

            Owner used to own Blue Dolphin and passed that along to his brother. Blue Dolphin is too small, as reported by others.

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              I agree that the food is delicious. I don't think it has any charm . Also not sure of Yoga Fanatics age, but it does tend to be an older crown and empty out very early

              1. If you are interested in Asian, I really like Tengda in Katonah. Great lunch menu. Not that loud, especially during lunch. You can walk from the train, it's a few blocks down the main street (past Mrs. Greens, in the shopping center with the post office).