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Napa Valley restaurants?

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Would love some help!

Flying in and out of SF in May and spending 11 days driving to Napa and Sonoma area

We (like to consider ourselves) are a young couple who appreciate good food and wine, but we aren't looking for overly fancy/stuffy restaurants. But we don't mind paying for a quality dining experience.

ANY recco's on restos, cafes, bakeries, hotels, B and Bs, would be hugely appreciated!!

Oh, also we are vegetarians :)

Thank you!!

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  1. We had a very nice lunch at Mustard's Grill in Yountville a few days ago. Bistro Jeanty is another place we love, they do some amazing Tomato Soup here. Bottega is another favorite of ours in Yountville. It is a larger venue with an energetic vibe and excellent food.

    In Sonoma, check out girl and the fig, El Dorado Kitchen, Swiss Hotel and Cafe La Haye. CLH is a very small, intimate venue so make sure you get reservations. Opentable is a good place to check availability and is free of charge. Enjoy your time in the wine country! :)

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      wow! you are amazing! thank you so much!!

      I'm going to look up each and every one of these :)

      I really appreciate the help!

    2. My favorite is Redd in Yountville.

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      1. Napa Valley is also covered on the San Francisco Bay Area board so if you search there you will find lots of information. Such as, this current topic: