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Mar 6, 2012 07:37 AM

Napa Valley restaurants?

Would love some help!

Flying in and out of SF in May and spending 11 days driving to Napa and Sonoma area

We (like to consider ourselves) are a young couple who appreciate good food and wine, but we aren't looking for overly fancy/stuffy restaurants. But we don't mind paying for a quality dining experience.

ANY recco's on restos, cafes, bakeries, hotels, B and Bs, would be hugely appreciated!!

Oh, also we are vegetarians :)

Thank you!!

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  1. We had a very nice lunch at Mustard's Grill in Yountville a few days ago. Bistro Jeanty is another place we love, they do some amazing Tomato Soup here. Bottega is another favorite of ours in Yountville. It is a larger venue with an energetic vibe and excellent food.

    In Sonoma, check out girl and the fig, El Dorado Kitchen, Swiss Hotel and Cafe La Haye. CLH is a very small, intimate venue so make sure you get reservations. Opentable is a good place to check availability and is free of charge. Enjoy your time in the wine country! :)

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      wow! you are amazing! thank you so much!!

      I'm going to look up each and every one of these :)

      I really appreciate the help!

    2. My favorite is Redd in Yountville.

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      1. Napa Valley is also covered on the San Francisco Bay Area board so if you search there you will find lots of information. Such as, this current topic: