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Mar 6, 2012 07:11 AM

low-key foodie bachelorette party?

trying to plan a low-key bachelorette party for my friend, and curious if anyone had any suggestions.

the original plan was to:
book private dinner at seasonal pantry
perhaps have cheese tasting with the cheese course
wine and drinks at a chill spot

however, seasonal pantry does not do private parties on saturdays.

so any suggestions for a
1. seasonal pantry alternative
2. good spot for wine and/or cheese tasting on saturday night?

thanks for your help guys. :)

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  1. Cork Market can be rented out to do private wine tastings. I met they can also set up cheese and cured meats boards for you etc.

    If you are still hungry for a larger meal there are tons of options around 14th Street. I would like Masa 14 for a bachelorette party.

    1. How many people? You'd have to see if Columbia Room does private events on Saturdays, but if they do, I can't recommend it enough. The food is great, you have three cocktails a person and they're delicious, and you get your own private charming space before going out to other bars. I rented it out for a group of 15 and it cost $1,000, which isn't terrible per person.

      1. thanks for the suggestions so far! it would be 12 people at most.

        1. How about the table at Zola Wine Kitchen? This is their prepared event menu, but they might be worth calling for a few other options.